SAG’s New Phone-y Survey! “Name those Concessions!” We’ve got all the questions. concessions and intimidations!


SAG members you may be getting a call from the Peter Hart Research of Washington, D. C. asking you some, little questions, ah, like well ‘HOW DID YOU VOTE IN THE ATA/NATR REFERENDUM?” You know, unimportant stuff like that! But not to worry, it is all commissioned AND PAID FOR OUT OF YOUR DUES MONEY by the current SAG Leadershipah, you know, the guys that are asking you to vote to INCREASE YOUR DUES for a WAR CHEST!

And if you think that they are not willing to go to WAR just look at some of the concessions they want you to consider to get a deal with the ATA/NATR!

Different members are being asked different questions? Oh, and one of the places they are calling from is Ohio—and you’ll be glad to know that today in Ohio, it’s 85 degrees and sunny!

Here are some of the Questions you may be asked.

What area of show business do you work?

Are you currently a member of SAG

In regards to your work through SAG are you very satisfied, fairly satisfied, or not satisfied.

In regards to current wages, working conditions and benefits are they better, worse or the same.

What is your response to talent agents? (Very Positive, somewhat positive, negative, or very negative)

How do you feel about the ATA? (Very positive, somewhat positive, negative or very negative?)

How do you feel about SAG? (Same choice of responses as previous question)

How do you feel about the NATR (Same choices of response)

How would you rate the representation of ATA/NATR agents?

Are you currently represented by a talent agent?

How many talent agencies are you represented by?

How would you rate your current agent? (Excellent, good, only fair or Poor)

What do you like about your current agent?

Rate your agent in various areas of representation (Excellent, good, only fair or poor ) Personal attention? Treats you honestly and fairly? Representing your best interests when dealing with employers? Charges reasonable commissions? In helping you obtain good employment opportunities? Insuring that you’re properly paid by producers?

Are you aware that ATA/NATR agencies are not franchised with SAG and that other agencies are?

Do you know that the ATA represents William Morris, CAA, ICM and other agencies?

Which type of agencies can best represent SAG members franchised, or non-franchised? The follow up question to your response. “Why?”

In the following general areas who does the best job, franchised or non-franchised agencies–or are they equal: When dealing with employers? Treating their clients honestly and fairly? Giving their clients personal attention? Insuring that their clients are properly paid by employers? Charging their clients reasonable commissions? Helping their clients obtain good employment opportunities?

How Important is it that we negotiate a contract with unfranchised agents. (Very important, fairly important, somewhat important and not that important)

How do you feel about certain Provisions in the current contract (same choice of responses as above question) Contracts with agents initially limited to one year then can be negotiated for up to three years? That an agent can only receive 10 percent of commissionable income? A talent agency is limited in its ability to engage in its financial interest and investments in a production company or advertising agency? That the ability of the talent agent to receive your check can be revocable? That financial disputes between you and your agent go through SAG? Agents should only receive commission on your salary, NOT travel, penalties, etc..? Performers should be able to have different agents for different aspects of his career?

How do you feel about the following Concessions that SAG might be willing to make withALL AGENTS: Allow for commissions on residuals for TV and Film? Allow for commissions for commercials negotiated at scale? Allow an agent to collect ten percent on all residual markets? Allow agents to charge you a fee for agency promotions such as websites, etc.? Allow commissions for residuals in foreign markets? ALLOW AGENTS TO CHARGE MORE THAN TEN PERCENT? Allow talent agencies to have non-controlling interest in production companies, advertisers or ad agencies? Allowing Production companies, advertisers, or ad agencies to have a non controlling interest in talent agencies? Allow for commission on residuals in Pay TV and Video Cassettes? Allow for commission on residuals for basic cable? ALLOW AGENTS TO TEACH CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS AND TO OPERATE SCHOOLS?

SAG should NOT consider these concessions in a contract with the ATA? SAG should consider some of these concessions because ATA agents have said they will NOT sign a contract with SAG without some of the concessions. And it will BE BETTER for performers to have some of these protections under SAG rather than have none all?

Which of the two points of view do you support: Agents should NOT have non-controlling interest with producers, etc. because they might put the interest of them over the interest of their clients. We should give agencies the ability to engage in these non-controlling financial interest because they’ve said they will not agree to a contract with us unless we do.

Do you think it’s important that we negotiate a contract with talent agencies?

Who should vote on an ATA/NATR referendum? All dues paying SAG Members? Or only members who are represented by an agent or have been represented by an agent in the last five years?

Would you be interested in being represented by any of the ATA agencies like William Morris, ICM, etc. even if they were NOT franchised?

Are you aware that SAG members can only be represented by franchised agents?

Do you think SAG should impose fines against members who hire non-regulated agents?

Do you have a personal manager?

Do you think SAG should take disciplinary measures against members who hire non-regulated agents?

Did you vote in the ATA/NATR Referendum in 2002?



This survey was commissioned by SAG and was paid for by your dues money! How much did it cost? They ain’t talking!

Hmmm, not to worry! If the new dues increase passes, there will be plenty in the till for more surveys and cleverly crafted fliers and inserts urging you to vote YES on the next ATA/NATR Financial Interest referendum.

You know the great thing about the survey is not only does it give those who are getting the information, a step-up on their next attempt to SELL you on their next try at an ATA/NATR giveaway, but it also manages to mold questions that instill fear and intimidation! Hey, you better vote their way or you could face “disciplinary measures!”

But beyond the scare tactics, I don’t know about you, folks, but my personal favorite concession would be to “let agents run acting workshops and schools!” Or, “Do you think SAG should take disciplinary measures against members who hire non-regulated agents?” How about this for an answer to that one “NO I think SAG should get some cajones and do what they should have done two years ago— which is the same thing our founding fathers did 70 years ago! Tell agents to either sign a Frikking contract or lose their rights to represent SAG members.” Ah, well, gee, gosh, gulp, then again maybe we should “GIVE THEM MORE THAN TEN PERCENT in commissions!”

Oh, and don’t forget, folks, that the proposed dues increase is for a WAR CHEST!!

Hey, don’t laugh, once we give agents the right to run workshops, we may have to force them to furnish restrooms!

A.L. Miller Editor & Chief WOOF !

Least you think this is simply a survey for information, Hart Research boasts: “Our record reflects the fact that we are very skillful in translating survey findings into EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES !!