An SAG Watchdog “Oooops!” Exclusive! On Oct. 1 the following was sent out on behalf of the SAG Membership by Melissa Gilbert and James Cromwell:

*email Oct. 1, 2003
6 :30pm

On behalf of the Screen Actors Guild, Melissa Gilbert and James Cromwell are getting a large group of high-profile actors together for an anti-recall news conference this Friday, October 3 at noon. They’d love it if you could be there. The actual location is being determined.

The purpose of the news conference is to let California voters know that you will be voting “NO” on the recall on Election Day, October 7. It will NOT be a pro-Governor Davis event, nor an Arnold-bashing event. In fact, it’s not supporting or opposing any of the almost 135 gubernatorial candidates. It’s to let people know that you are opposed to the recall based on principle because you believe that it is dangerous for the future of our state and country; that it’s an attack on American democracy.

We’re trying to get this together quickly, so time is of the essence. Please feel free to pass this on to other high-profile actors that you think would like to be a part of this. If you can participate on Friday at noon, please call Melissa at home tonight (818) 880-****, or at work tomorrow (323) 549-6610.

Thanks so much,

Kat Lewis
Assistant to President Melissa Gilbert
Screen Actors Guild

Well, apparently the “you-know-what” hit the fan! And in a quick turnaround, the following missive was e-mailed!

-Original Message—–
From: Kat Lewis []
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 3:16 PM
To: Kat Lewis
Subject: Re: From Melissa Gilbert/James Cromwell-Time sensitive

The email you received last night regarding a SAG anti-recall event was sent in error. As is our longstanding policy, Screen Actors Guild has NOT taken a position on this recall, nor have we endorsed any candidates. Melissa and James are not participating in the press conference. We regret any confusion this miscommunication caused.

You’ll notice that the first e-mail with great relish detailed who the e-mail was on behalf of– and who it was from in the body of the text. On the other hand, in the second e-mail, it was like no one wanted to have anything to do with it! Basically a big “Ooops!” with no explanation.

Okay, so the e-mail was sent in error? Whose error? Was it Melissa and James’ error? Or was it Kat Lewis’ error? Now, if Melissa is true to form, she will blame her assistant, just like she blamed the little guys and gals who voted against her ATA/NATR deal and failed consolidation referendum.

So who made the error? And was it an error of transmission (Highly Unlikely)– or an error of judgment on behalf of our President and Secretary/Treasurer! This would be a good time for them to step up to the plate and let the membership know that they are willing to take responsibility for their unadvised actions rather than let the whole guild take it on the chin.

Let’s face it, folks, there is a real good chance Arnold may be our next governor–and he needs to know this capricious attempt by our President and Sec/Treasurer was in no way sanctioned by our guild.

SW Editor & Chief A.L. Miller Stay Tuned! *puff