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Okay, this is very important!

In fact it is so important that I suggest that you FOLLOW ALONG WITH YOUR CURSOR for what I am about to say is of such a magnitude that it is imperative that you do not miss a single word.

Henceforth, I will be known to you as Agent X, for you see nearly thirty years ago I along with hundreds of other actors was embedded in this union for a special purpose! I can remember it just like it was the other day. My Operative, Agent Z, dropped me off at SAG Headquarters on Sunset with two hundred dollars and a Dramamine pill. The money was for my dues and the pill was for when I finally got sick of the business.

Anyway, looking down at the two hundred bucks in my hand, I asked Agent Z if I should pretend to be a starving actor. He replied that he had seen my audition, and not to worry I wouldn't have to pretend. Anyway as the.ah..well the --------------------------Uh, y    e   a    r     s      passed.. I real========================ized that.....hmmmmmmm, maybe we should continue this, ah, conversation some other time....YIKES!

A.L.   ah, make that Mike Farrell

Editor & Chief ah, and Misanthrope

Brian Hamilton