Grocery Workers need our support this Saturday—RALLY they do


This from Favel Stoda at SAG!

UFCW Support RallyThis Saturday, January 31 at noon, there is a massive march and rally in support of the striking and locked out grocery workers. As many of you know, this strike is about two-tiered employee pay and MAJOR health care cuts for our neighborhood grocery workers. Let’s show them SAG’s support, “The health care you save may be your own. Their fight is our fight.” The march will be approximately mile beginning at the Great Western Forum.

Parking is at the Great Western Forum, 3900 West Manchester Blvd. When you park your cars, come to the corner of Manchester and Prairie (or as close as you can get) and look for the SAG banner and yellow or blue SAG T-shirts and picket signs. You can still purchase a T-shirt at the SAG office during business hours.

Also, if you have a Von’s/Pavillion’s or Ralph’s card, please bring them with you to the rally. They will be collected and returned to the store owners as a show of support for UFCW.


I remember how down-and-out many of us were after four months on strike! And how happy we were when anyone joined us in support. I know that I was so touched when this homeless gentleman with a funny cap stood up for us with his little “HONK ” sign that I gave him my whistle, tee shirt, and all my spare change before snapping his picture

Hope to see you there this Saturday

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !