Melissa promised y’all that she wouldn’t talk about that Little Ol’ Merger until AFTER those fall contract negotiations was done, don’t cha know! Unfortunately, honey child, her promise has GONE WITH THE WIND! (Exclusive: See Melissa Animated as NEVER before!)


In an April 29th , 2004 email to the membership drumming up support for her dues increase, Madame President Gilbert made A PROMISE NOT TO DISCUSS MERGER!

In fact she was very explicit when she PROMISED members that “This is about financial strength and bargaining leverage. This is not about merging with AFTRA; in fact, we will not discuss the issue until after our motion picture/television contract negotiations have been successfully CONCLUDED! Negotiations are due to BEGIN in the FALL!

Where is Madame President this weekand what is she all discussing? She’s in Atlanta for a big AFTRAsagFun-Fest! She, along with CEO Bob, Greg Hessinger & the gang, will be DISCUSSING MERGER !!

Now kiddies, what do we say to Madame President AFTER WE CLICK ON HER PICTURE? All together now

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !