You’ve heard about the proposed “necessary” Dues Increase. You’ve heard about the Amenities Challenged Hollywood Membership Meeting! Now join us on an “Exclusive’ tour of the digs where our Branch Board Members will be reposing during the upcoming Plenary! Oh, and get out those checkbooks!


Recently, our SAG Leadership under CEO Bob Pisano, President Melissa Gilbert and her Restore Respect Board cohorts announced that they would seek a dues increase from membership. If any member doubted that our coffers are in desperate straits, they only had to attend the recent Hollywood Membership Meeting!

During “that” meeting, instead of the usual, relatively comfortable setting of the spacious, Universal Sheraton Hotel ballroom with its ample supplies of steaming hot coffee in shiny, silver urns, along with sparkling bottled water, and shimmering, chilled cans of thirst quenching soft drinks—the membership attendees endured a cramped, hot lobby with the only refreshment coming from a “no-host” bathroom sink.

This has caused concern among many of us more compassionate members that during the upcoming SAG Plenary that our Branch Board Members may be reduced to sleeping in their cars and manning freeway off-ramps holding signs proclaiming “Will go-along-to-get-along for food and lodgings!”

Well, there is good news to report. Our SAG Branch Board Members— who recently passed an amendment that will give them up to six months to pay their dues—will not be reduced to panhandling while in LA in service of their union. In fact, they too will be well served. Here is their itinerary.

Once they head for Hollywood, rest assured that they will be on your dime. They will fly coach, upgradeable to first class. After arriving at LAX they will be transported to their hotel—on your dime. And once they arrive at their lodgings, you can forget about them being greeted by Tom Bodett.

In fact, the moment they arrive at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica, they will notice the magical transformation that has taken place.

From the exquisitely manicured grounds to the casual elegance of the new guest rooms, their senses will be challenged by an experience that has redefined luxury.

After checking in, Branch Board Members will be escorted to their luxurious, spacious rooms, with subtle hues of blue and greens, all of which have been redesigned to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. And yes, as representatives of our proud guild, you can rest assured that they will generously tip the bellboy—on your dime.

Later, after feeding their senses and appetite with the culinary artistry of The Grille’s unique California style cuisine, our visiting board members might choose to leisurely stroll over to the The Koi Pond Lounge located in the Lobby area featuring relaxing views of the courtyard! It is the ideal place to connect with associates, fellow members and staff—who are also there on your dime. As they leisurely discuss how to avoid paying their dues, the new attempt at Consolidation or two tiered membership, the melodic sounds from the Miramar’s pianist, and expertly prepared libations, will create the perfect end to a busy day.

It won’t be long however before our visiting board members get down to serious SAG business in one of the Miramar’s no nonsense conference rooms—

—which combine cosmopolitan sophistication and beach resort lifestyle, tucked away in tropical gardens atop the scenic bluffs of Santa Monica Beach. These beautiful facilities offer over 25,000 square feet of unique meeting and conference space to accommodate groups from 12 to 900 people. Yes, they offer the perfect setting for voting for a membership dues increase!

Later during their much deserved down-time our visiting branch board members will find that leisure activities abound, ensuring that our dues will have afforded them with fond memories of their time in Santa Monica—on your dime.

We hope this little online tour has assured all of our compassionate members that SAG branch/board members will not endure unnecessary hardship while doing union business here on the West Coast. We hope that their Fairmont Miramar experience will go a long way toward making all of them— including NY President Eileene Henry–feel SPECIAL.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

This just in! The Ol’ SAG Watchdog has learned that in an effort to keep cost down, CEO Bob and President Gilbert have already booked accommodations for the next GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING!