SW Exclusive SW Editor & Chief A.L. Miller moderates a gathering of Extension Proponents including CEO Bob Pisano, President Melissa Gilbert and some SURPRISES!


A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief moderates a ‘virtual’ gathering of Extension Proponents. (All their comments are quotes from articles, and supported policy pronouncements .)

WOOF ! . Okay, let’s start with Mr. Pisano! In SAG’s literature the claim is made that this agreement is Historical because AFTRA & SAG will now jointly negotiate all Prime Time TV Shows. Is that correct sir?

The First Time since the advent of Television that the unions would have such Leverage. (1.)

WOOF ! Hold on I see Ira Shepard shaking his head “NO!”

SAG & AFTRA have historically negotiated jointly with us! (2)

WOOF ! Yes but to be fair, Ira, we’re talking about the TV/Theatrical contract not the commercial one. Well, to settle this, folks let’s go to the 1981 Phase One Agreement. Here Bob read this part what contracts does it state that AFTRA & SAG jointly negotiate?

“Theatrical Motion Pictures and Prime Time Television” (3)

WOOF ! Okay, now that that’s settled, anyone want to comment on the much ballyhooed ‘New’ WB/UPN Digital Deal?

This agreementmakes significant gains in areas that matter most to our membership: EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK AND A RAISE IN PAY..! (4)

WOOF ! Really, will that ‘raise’ in pay apply to Current Digital Shows? Ah, Tom LaGrua, SAG’s National Director of Contract Strategy, has his hand up! Well, Tom how about it? Will this digital agreement effect a single one of the current shows on the air ?

If a current show on the schedule that is shot digitally makes it into the upcoming season, unfortunately, it would still be produced under the OLD RATES!(5)

WOOF ! Yikes! You mean if there are no new digital shows produced this season, members will still be working all those digital show at the same OLD RATES. Whoa..huh, hey, Tom, dude don’t take it so bad, its not entirely all your fault. Someone give him a hanky. . On the positive side, we can all be proud that the Hollywood Board voted against thisah, “deal!

Weneed coolheaded, experienced leadership, not a “Take No Prisoners Hollywood Only” mentality!(5A)

WOOF ! Thank you Eileen Henry! Okay, so do we all agree that the Lousy 2.5% is the lowest TV/Theatrical Minimum Increase in fifteen years? Right!

WOOF ! Very funny, John! Moving right along. A Question for Bob. Mr. “P” how long did you tell the Board that it would take producers to gear up for a strike?

Six months!(6)

WOOF ! Yikes, again! And with this extension, our unions will give producers A WHOLE year to stock up on product—in anticipation of our announced intention to go after their Golden Goose–DVD! Ahhh, yes? The grinning gentleman with his hand upoh, it’s AMPTP President Nick Counter. Sir any comment on what I just said?

We look forward to sitting down with the unions in the fall! (7)


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*All the photos were of actual participants–except for Eileen Henry’s which was a paid look alike!