Candidate voters guide 3600 DOLLAR BOO-BOO: Part Deux


Well, it seems that since the Ol’ Watchdog broke the story that SAG made a *money20 thousand dollar boo-boo, by leaving out a photo and screwing up a candidates website address, SAG has taken it upon itself to spend another *money3600 dollars on a self-serving email to shift the spotlight on to some members who “have attempted to utilize those necessary corrective actions to make partisan political points.”

Here is the *email you most likely received a couple of days ago! The Ol’ Watchdog’s comments are highlighted.

To: SAG Members Eligible to Vote in the 2004 Hollywood Division Elections

From: 2004 SAG Hollywood Division Elections Committee

Re: Important Message Regarding Voter’s Guide Clarification

The Hollywood Division Elections Committee recently caused the Guild to mail to all eligible Hollywood Division voters certain clarifications of the candidate voter’s guide.

WOOF ! translation; Somebody made a boo-boo–and the elections committee cleaned up after them at cost of *money20,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

The Elections Committee regrets that some members have criticized the Committee and the Guild for taking such corrective actions and have attempted to utilize those necessary corrective actions to make partisan political points.

WOOF !Well, now, the Ol’ Watchdog regrets that they spent another *money3600 Dollars to express their regrets! Okay, admittedly, The Ol’ Watchdog certainly was critical of the *moneyEXPENSIVE 20,000 DOLLAR BOO-BOO, but not of the corrective action that it necessitated! Although, we disagree with Ms. Bush’s SAG politics, she had every right and expectation to have the boo-boo cleared up! Now as to some other unscrupulous John Doe members that might have tried to make partisan political points out of the incident, we really can’t say. However, we can do like the cops–and make certain assumptions, and look toward certain suspects on the basis of their modus Operandi. Hmmm, for instance, Restore Respect is still trying to make partisan political points out the 2000 strike! (Even though out of the 26 members on the Restore Respect heavy Negotiating Committee, which voted unanimously to go on strike, stay on strike, and end the strike—only 7 members were Membership First.) And they are trying to make partisan political points out of their vindictive lawsuit against a makeup man who dared to forward emails they disagreed with, and of course they have tried to make partisan political points out of the Hollywood Boards motion asking for the resignation of CEO Bob Pisano. Ah, of course that don’t mean they done it! I don’t care whose Embedded with them!

The Hollywood Division Elections Committee will continue to take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure a fair election.

WOOF !Ah, excuse me! Who said they wouldn’t? Oooooh,those damn Modus Operandi Folks again! Yikes! Hmmm, as long as we are on the subject of fair elections, The Committee might want to look into that little Unconstitutional modification “thingy” the Restore Respect controlled board did back in 2002! You know, the one where the RR board gave themselves an UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAIVER allowing board members who were not dues compliant to remain on the board–even though they hadn’t paid their dues within the required 45 days. (You might have noticed on p.13 of the Spring 2004 volume of Screen Actors Mag, were they covered up their little maneuver by calling it a modification–and stating that in that dues period members had instead of 45 days—THREE MONTHS to pay their dues! One thing you can bet on, folks, you ain’t gonna get another $3600 dollar email on that one!

Committee assumes that in the future members will not criticize the Committee for taking corrective action necessary to ensure a fair election and will refrain from attempting to utilize such actions for partisan political purposes.

WOOF !Committee can assume anything they want–but until the Restore Respect Leadership can hire some PR Firm better than GMMB to change the Ol’ Watchdogs behavior, it will criticize any BOO-BOO it sees! Hmmmm, why do I get the feeling that every missive that comes out of SAG was written by a lawyer?

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !