Another Watchdog Classic!!!!!

Classic first posted 19 April, 2003:

After exhaustive research, and hours and hours of man power, SAG Watchdog has finally found a USAN/Restore Respect supporter who absolutely believes everything that comes out of their propaganda machine.

He blindly accepts that the USAN/Restore Respect crowd has not tried to instigate Qualified Voting! And will not try to instigate it again! He also adamantly buys into their claim that “this time” they will get rid of the 3 voucher system–and will not sell us out to the ATA/NATR. And not only that, but he has also been convinced that under CONsolidation, SAG will keep its autonomy and will not give up all of its Collective assets! Here he is! The one and only schnook who is not only gullible enough to accept all of the above drivel– but he truly believes EVERYONE of their mundane SLOGANS & PLATITUDES!

The Ol’ SAG Watchdog