Legendary Columnist Annie Nonamus with SAG’S TOY STORY and other Hot SAG Chatter. Kiddies, guess who FINALLY got a certified letter from Sallie? MEOW!!


Annie Nonamus (Dateline Hollywood)

Well, kiddies the big question at 5757 is *money “dues you think it’s gonna pass?” Apparently, things are NOT going all that well. According to a little Birdie, CEO Bob, who gets his own personal daily tally, is so depressed *baby he’s stopped polishing his new piggy bank.

But fear not, boys and girls, our intrepid CEO has not given up. In fact he has PULLED OUT ALL THE STOPS, ah, using YOUR DUES *money MONEY! Not only has CEO Bob cranked up things with more e-mails, and self serving, name calling, finger pointing press releases, but the word is that he has now enlisted go-along-to-get-along Celebes to man the *call phones to sell this to the membership! Hey, what can yours truly say? If you get a call from Jamie Cromwell “You’re SCREED!”

One, staff wag, even claims that Pisano enlisted Woody from TOY STORY to get the Kiddie vote! Unfortunately, at the end of the day it was discovered that Woody had been using a Toy Phone!

And, did you happen to see the biased, “Dissident,” hatchet job *do Variety “investigative” Reporter Claude Brodesser did on a former SAG Presidential candidate and two current board members! Of course, those in the know, know that the reason that Claude now has the SAG Beat, is because that fine, investigative reporter Dave McNary is no longer covering SAG! Apparently, he did too much INVESTIGATING!

Pisano Watchers hip to SAG’s CEO’s Comings and Goings claim there have been a lot less of the former and a lot more of the latter lately!

The Internet world was “rocked” this week by the sad news that the popular SAG web site Wolfesden is no more! I’m not exactly sure what happened–but apparently Several Casting Directors “Cast” the last stone! Meantime, things are heating up on the politically, SAG savvy IdoTVads Bulletin Board. www.idotvads.com

Speaking of bulletins, kiddies: tongues are wagging over the certified letter that SAG’s Sallie Weaver scratched out to our own humble Editor & Chief A.L. Miller! * MEOW !!

Well, I really must be going. It seems my friend Eric Shun took Viagra– and it’s been over twenty four hours now, and he doesn’t know whether to call his doctor or place an ad in the LA Weekly!

Ta, taAnnie