Have you heard what the Branch Board of Directors wants this Holiday Season? It’s a Real DUES-ZEE!

This is the time of year for giving–and getting. Well, the Branch Board of Directors was instrumental in GIVING Melissa the presidency of SAG, and now they figure it’s time for a little GETTING.

It seems that what they want this Christmas is a “Get Out of Paying Their Dues on time card.” But you can’t call them greedy! They don’t want it just for themselves but they want it for ALL BOARD MEMBERS. Now, there are a lot of Membership First Board Members who will vote against this elitist maneuver, but since Melissa and her gang have a MONOPOLY on the Board they will probably get it.

Here’s how this proposed perversion of the Dues Process will work if they get their way. Regular Ol’ SAG Members will still have only 45 days to pay their dues—but Board Members can go up too SIX MONTHS without paying theirs–and although ineligible to work, still be able to serve on the board making important decisions concerning the rest of us.

And guess what, kiddies! If the Board votes to amend our constitution in order for this little PAYBACK, our only option would be to get a petition with TEN THOUSAND SIGNATURES to force a referendum.

Of course, in the meantime if you don’t think this is a real good idea, you might want to get in touch with YOUR board members—or National Director of Governance Michelle Bennett at (323) 549-6094—and let them know how you feel about this little payback.

SW Editor & Chief A.L. Miller

What with Embedded Union Busting, Consolidation Again, No ATA/NATR agreement, Qualified Voting, and now this, perhaps it’s time that someone should give the You-Know-What a little tune-up.