The Ol’ Dog got his Robo Call today!!!


Well today I got a call from my fearless SAG-AFTRA leaders Ken Howard and Roberta Reardon.  And they urged me to vote “Yes” for the current SAG-AFTRA Commercial contract.  I think the call was prerecorded.  I say that because usually when you tell someone where they can stick something.  Ahhh, they don’t usually end the call with “Thank You.”

Hmmm…so back in March of 2012 when this same pair was pushing merger their Robocalls calls began a full month before the ballots were due in.  But, this time there’s only a couple days left before the ballots are due.  Now, suspicious mind that I have,  this tells me that perhaps the voting ain’t going as well as Ken, Roberta and the UFS leadership might want.  Hey, they might even be a tad worried you think?

And me thinks, perhaps they might have good reason to be.  After all, they didn’t make a lot of friends in their usual branch strongholds by promised closures of so many of those branches.  Not to mention the fact that this contract, if you figure in all the mitigating circumstances, is pretty pathetic.

For, instance, if you figure the the last increase we got in the SAG-AFTRA commercial contract was in 2011 FOUR YEARS AGO….and the current increase is only 6% that means we are averaging a paltry 1.5% a year in increases.  Hell, if I remember correctly according to our new constitution they can, if they want to, increase OUR DUES by 2% a year!!!

Hey, here’s a thought, if we want a better deal, let’s vote this contract down, then make our employers members, and over that four years instead of six percent we could get EIGHT PERCENT!!!!

If you haven’t voted yet, do it now by phone line..  The “Voting info” card you got has the “Email Voting address” along with your “pin number” on front, and you’ll need your “member number” from your SAG-AFTRA card.  (It took me less than a minute on my computer.)

How about this? VOTE NO right now.  Okay, maybe it won’t change the outcome.  But if they suddenly see a bunch of NO votes coming in, maybe at least next time they’ll think twice before bugging us with those damn robocalls!


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