So you want to run for SAG-AFTRA President!!!

If you want to run for SAG-AFTRA president…ah, get out the Ol’ Checkbook!!!!!

Excerpted from Page 21 SAG-AFTRA Constitution
Article V1  National Officers

G. Nomination and Election Procedures

a. President and Secretary-Treasurer Candidates for President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be nominated by petition as follows:
For President, a written petition signed by not fewer than two hundred (200) members in good standing, including members from at least three (3) Locals.
Hmmm…so if you are a regular member and you want to run for president, you now have to turn in a petition with 200 member signatures from at least (3) locals!!!!
Hmmm….again!  Hey, but, but, but look on the bright side, if you want to fight for your union rights to run, you only have to go to one place…..Delaware!
The Ol’ SAG Watchdog