SAG-AFTRA Do Not Work Notice for Commercials Produced by Nickelodeon!!!

The Following currently on the SAG-AFTRA Website.
Please be advised that Nickelodeon is not signed to the AFTRA Television Commercials Contract or the AFTRA Radio Commercials Contract.


Although AFTRA has collective bargaining agreements with Nickelodeon covering other types of programs, members are prohibited from accepting employment for commercial services by Nickelodeon or by any other employer, unless that employer is signatory to the applicable AFTRA TV or Radio Commercials Contract.

Please be reminded that SAG-AFTRA members may not accept employment in commercials, whether for broadcast, cable or the Internet, unless the employer is signed to the AFTRA Television Commercials Contract or the AFTRA Radio Commercials Contract. (SAG-AFTRA members are also permitted to work under the SAG TV Commercials Contract.)

Franchised Talent Agents should check and verify the signatory status of an employer who seeks to engage their SAG-AFTRA member clients for services in a broadcast, cable or Internet commercial.

If you have questions about this notice, about the signatory status of an employer, or about whether a particular project is commercial in nature rather than a covered program or promo, please contact your nearest AFTRA office.

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Do Not Work Notice in Effect for ‘TMZ’!!!!

Effective September 20, 2007, members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists are advised that TMZ Productions Inc., Harvey Levin Productions Inc., and paraMedia inc.-producers of the syndicated TV series “TMZ”-are not signed to an AFTRA contract covering this program.

SAG-AFTRA members may NOT accept employment, including recording in-show and/or promotional announcements, on “TMZ” until and unless a fair contract between AFTRA and the producers is achieved. If you are contacted for employment on “TMZ”, please contact Joan Halpern Weise, Assistant National Executive Director, Contracts, at 323.634.8174 ( or David Besbris, Los Angeles Local Director of Television, 323.634.8116 ( All calls are confidential.


Ah, a little more info to keep in your “Do Not Work” scabbards!!!


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