Something missing from the SAG-AFTRA Leaders’Message to the membership!!!!!!

A Message from SAG-AFTRA Co-Presidents Ken Howard and Roberta Reardon:
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, millions have been left without power, lives have been upended, billions of dollars of damage has occurred and, most distressing of all, lives have been lost. We are saddened by the devastation caused by this record-setting storm, and the impact it has had on the lives of so many people. Our hearts go out to our fellow members and fellow citizens in the affected areas and we send our best wishes for their safety and care during this unfortunate time.
Although the dangerous conditions surrounding this storm have forced closures of some SAG-AFTRA local offices, including our New York offices, we want you to know your union is here for you during this difficult time. Check the website for information about closures and any event scheduling affected by the storm, or call SAG-AFTRA’s toll-free line at (855) 724-2387 for other questions and concerns.We look forward to calmer times and receding waters all along the East Coast and hope to see you at SAG-AFTRA events very soon. Take care and stay safe.
In unity,
Ken and Roberta
Huh?  Look the Ol’ Dog’s first instinct was to go to the SAG-AFTRA website to see if there had been a fund set up to help our members effected by this tragedy….nothing!  Ah, okay how about a link where I could make a donation through my union for the storm victims….nothing!  Let’s face it when it comes to compassionate. thoughtful leadership….NOTHING!

Look, I went on the internet, and if you want to make a donation for the storm victims, you can do what the Ol’ Dog did contact

Look, again, I know I disagree with the majority of our East Coast members, but damn it,  we are all in this crazy business together, and in a time like this,  we all have to stick together!  So if any of our SAG-AFTRA leadership, wants to set-up a fund to help our brothers and sisters who suffer from this tragedy,  I would be proud to step up with the first hundred dollars!


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog