An in-person report on last Monday’s meeting concerning SAG Health plan changes!!!

I received the following *(slightly edited)  e-mail from a highly responsible source:

I just wanted to let you know that... (I) attended that special meeting last Monday. 
I saw an official communication from the Union saying no member who was on HW or SP (self pay) 
would be turned away. I still had to show my card, expired as it was. But nonetheless 
I was admitted.

An On staff person stated that there were over 80 members present, though I would have guessed 
over 100. The meeting was a very stormy one, with people venting their outrage at DW and the 
three P&H staff present. People were being asked not to record the meeting, but it 
came down to the fact that it would not actually be prohibited. There was also a lot of talk about 
the higher Pension benefits the staff receive versus the members.

Ken Howard was not present, but Gabrielle C., Jenny O., Ellen C., and Woody S. were, as were a 
number of M1st people. The only member Trustees (not staff Trustees) that I know were there were 
Leigh F. and Amy A.

You may want to consider coming to the second meeting. Some additional information may be 

Take care.


Thanks to our anonymous reporter!


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