According to the SW Calendar, it’s just about time for the Hollywood Board Meeting when Melissa will stand up and face some tough questioning! Sparks will fly?

And it couldn’t be coming at a better time this Monday, February 2nd. ! In her new spirit of cooperation it will be refreshing to see President Melissa Gilbert get up before a board made up of primarily Membership First members—and address some tough issues.

Now we’ve been getting some really neat e-mail from Melissa and Mikey telling us how rosy things are. However, in what is probably an unintentional oversight, they failed to address such crucial issues as Usurping WGA’s Collective bargaining negotiations, Unfranchised ATA/NATR agents(Going on 2 years now!), Embedded Union Busters, Whipsawed contract renewals, Board members Dues Deflections, unneeded Confidentiality restraints, Qualified Voting/Tiered Membership, AFTRA’s violation of 99-CVR-17R in poaching SAG contracts, lack of detailed Board minutes, use of members magazine to attack oppositional groups, etc., etc, However, we are all pleased that Melissa did remind us that “February will bring the 10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards” However, we are even happier that February the 2nd will bring the Hollywood Board Meeting!

After all there is so much to discuss! Now, I know that there are some skeptics out there that think that Melissa will try and get out of facing the Hollywood Board– and their tough questions, but I say “Naw!” I mean look how she stood up to the grocery store owners!

A.L. Miller Stay Tuned! WOOF !