Earth to UFS spokesman Ned Vaughn: What the hell are you saying

There are SAG leaders that could NOT do more harm to SAG in these negotiations if they were *money paid agents of the AMPTP.

We all remember how Richard Masur and his fellow USAN New York Board members deleveraged SAG’s Negotiating Team, while giving aid and comfort to the AMPTP, when they went public with their resolution condemning SAG’s Negotiating Team for failing to bargain realistically with the AMPTPby asking for unattainable items. (They conveniently failed to name those unattainable items.)

We’ll, now, Unite For Strength party spokesperson Ned Vaughn has made a similar pronouncement, either by Bonehead Bungle-o-sis, or premeditated political propaganda.

Here is what Mr. Vaughn stated to the press in stories that went around the world blaming SAG, not the AMPTP, for terminating the mediation.

I think it was a big mistake for the negotiating committee to terminate the mediation after only two days,” said Ned Vaughn, spokesman for the “Unite for Strength” group of actors who have been critical of the union’s leadership. “These difficult times require that we exhaust every opportunity to reach an agreement.” (This excerpt from the LA Times 11/23/03)

Earth to Ned Vaughn,
SAG didn’t terminate the talks the Federal Mediator did. Now, you don’t have to take my word, or Membership Firsts word, or even SAG’s word. This from the AMPTP website.

November 23, 2008

A Message to the Companies Represented by the AMPTP

To the Companies Represented by the AMPTP in the 2008 SAG Negotiations:

We are disappointed to report that the federal mediation efforts between SAG and AMPTP failed in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 22nd, when mediator Juan Carlos Gonzalez ended the process.

Perhaps, with experience Mr. Vaughn will learn to get this facts straight before opening his big mouth. Or then perhaps Unite For Strength might want to consider getting a spokesman who gets his facts straight before making comments that give the world a false, negative impression of the actual events in this matter.

It was amusing during the election campaigning when Mr. Vaughn took jabs at SAG’s handling of the negotiations, but when asked how he would change things, he side stepped answering by stating that since he was not on the negotiating committee he could not comment on particulars.

Well, guess what, Folks, he Still ain’t on the negotiating team. So perhaps he might want to revert back to his pre-election days of keeping his big piehole shut.! You think? *

Oh, and some more free advice for Ned: Since you ain’t on the negotiating team, whose members are under the oath of confidentiality, you might want to, at least, get someone who doesn’t suffer from Bungle-o-sis, if you intend to break it.

Put this one under Dueling Details:

On one hand, when decrying the economy, while dealing with unions, the Enteraiment Industry leaders dish out details like the ones in the following excerpt on the mediation failure from the LA Times story quoted above.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the negotiating arm of the major studios, countered: “SAG is the only major Hollywood union that has failed to negotiate a labor deal in 2008. Now SAG is bizarrely asking its members to bail out the failed negotiating strategy with a strike vote — at a time of historic economic crisis.”

But, but, when one takes a little closer, we see that things ain’t exactly like the producers would like you to believe. The truth of the matter is that box office returns have been up. It was only a couple of weekends ago that the box office returns were almost double from the previous year’s returns. The LA Times reported today (11/24/08) that the box office sucked in nearly six percent more than it did a year ago.

Now, once again, you don’t have to take the Ol’ Dog’s word for it. Here is what Paul Dergarabedian, the President of the box office tracking firm Media “For Numbers” said in the same LA Times article.

“This is another example of how the economy has not slowed people at all from from going to watch movies, ” He said. “We’re set up to have one of the biggest Thanksgiving Weekends ever!”

So, the next time some Turkey from the AMPTP, or one of their actor apologists, try and con you into accepting their lousy deal of rollbacks and new media sellouts, because of the economy, tell them TO STUFF IT!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !