A petiton in Support of “Game Strike”

Bob Bergen shared a link:

From our game strike fearless leader, Keythe Farley:

Hi Everyone,

In the months leading up to the strike, your Negotiating Committee unanimously decided that if we had to strike, our strategy would be to attempt to secure new work for our members even as we stopped working for The Game Corporations. It was our belief that there were “good players” out there who’d remain eager to work with us if we made our proposed contracts available to them.

It seems that we were right.

I am pleased to announce that we have had enormous success signing games to our new promulgated agreements. Since our rally in February, we have DOUBLED the number of games signed to these contracts. At this point, over 25 games have signed on, with more titles in the hopper. They range from indie games all the way up to several well-known titles, and include two HUGE audio houses.

Out of respect for their IP, we’ve decided not to disclose the actual titles and companies, but I know a lot of you have already begun working under these new contracts: contracts that provide you with contingent compensation; contracts that have vocal stress and stunt safety provisions built in; contracts that will tell you or your representative the actual title of the game you’re booked on, your role in it and what your performance will entail; contracts that pay commercial rates when you voice a commercial for a video game.

It seems that there are many developers in the industry who are willing to go forward WITH a fair contract and WITHOUT the Corporate 11. Of course, we continue to invite the Game Corps to join us— all it takes is a phone call— but until they do, we remain on strike against them.

One other thing: a few fans and actors have reached out asking for a petition they can sign to show their solidarity and support of our ongoing efforts. A fellow supporter created one here:


Please add your name and spread the word! I’m sure your friends and fans would appreciate the update because, trust me, people have been asking for one.


Continue to stay strong. We’re making real progress thanks to you.

Continue to forward us any nonunion auditions that are coming your way to videogames@sagaftra.org (we’ve had great success flipping games this way)

Continue to stand up and speak up!

In Solidarity

To our VO Folks: ” Continue the good fight!”


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