Proprietor of “One Performers Union-What’s Next?” website to put a zipper on it!

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This posted by Jack Shaw the proprietor of the above mentioned website: (Formally entitled “SAG-AFTRA Next)

Time to go

Postby Jack Shaw » Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:54 pm

The merger has happened. And though there are other issues to be resolved, I no longer have a desire to be a participant in the politics of SAG-AFTRA. It’s a very long story, but, I am bowing out of service totally. If anyone desires to take over this site and maintain it, please let me know and we can arrange a transfer. Otherwise, I will shut down the operation in November. 
Mr. Shaw states, “I am bowing out of service totally.”   My question is: Does Mr, Shaw intend to resign his recently elected position on the Chicago board?  If anyone has any information concerning his board seat, please feel free to post it in the designated space below.
Although I’m not a big fan of the website, I still hate to see any site that offers a place for conversation about our union shut down. 
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