In Violation of Calif. Corporation Code, CEO Bob, Melissa and Current Leadership Effectively SILENCE Opposition to Dues Increase.


Melissa claims that the proposed Dues increase is “a fair plan that is above politics.”

Oh, really, well did you know that not only was their NO MINORITY REPORT with the ballot, but those currently in power are so AFRAID OF YOU GETTING AN OPPOSING VIEWPOINT that they’ve ignored California Corporation Code and SAG’s Custom & Practice which allows those with Opposing Viewpoints to have access to SAG’s Official Membership E-mail list for a price. (3500 dollars) I’m sure you all remember those scathing, venomous e-mails from Mike Farrell attacking those who opposed Consolidation!

Well, apparently the same access granted to Mike Farrell is NOW being denied those Membership First Board Members who OPPOSE this DUES INCREASE!

So Much for Free and Open Debate!

Obviously, CEO Bob, President Gilbert, Mike, Jamie and the rest of the Restore Respect crowd just want us to JUMP THROUGH THE HOOP on this dues increase!

Does Anyone want these people to have MORE OF OUR MONEY?

This site is Un-gagged, and hoop free, ah, so far!

Calif. Corp Code (SAG’s a Corporation) 8330 (Rights Of Inspection) gives members the right of access to the membership.. Check it out at this link

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !