ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE!! A Second member SCAMMED by the HASBRO WAIVER comes forward!


The Ol’ Watchdog just received this *email Although the member has given the Watchdog permission to use his name–at this time, we have chosen not to do so!

Monday, August 30, 2004 at 01:58:32


Comments: Arlin, Hi I am SAG Member and I got one of those Shout letters and Yes I’m sure I have been scammed after reading your article, they want a 10 second scene from the original Die Hard Movie. I got the letter and called here in town and they told me that if I didn’t sign the letter that they probably wouldn’t use me, so I signed it and said well its a good cause MPTF. nice Packet very expensive looking, after all I a have used the fund before. then I get another letter from New York office and I read on a line that they were willing to negotiate a deal. So I called Howell E. Beagle Jr.It was a Friday night he was at his home at Marthas Vineyard , I Told him I didn’t mind helping out the Fund, so maybe we could split the money 50/50, which he agreed to , then I told him that I signed the first letter and he said he would honor my 50/50 split. Any way I am sure I have been Scammed,



Your Ol’ Watchdog has subsequently met with this actor and he informed me that he has contacted his agent who is going to try and help him get his full share of the revenue that was promised in the waiver.

You’ve got to give it to this Begle attorney— who represents the MPTF/Hasbro! There he sits in his summer retreat in Martha’s Vineyards, and Instead of informing this rank & file actor that he has a right to his full share of two percent of the revenue generated by the game, he let’s the actor bargain himself into only getting half of it!

Remember before the Restore Respect crowd took over, and the union actually protected members from sharpies like that? Now, members need someone to protect them from sharpies like the Restore Respecters!

A.L. Miller Stay Tuned !!WOOF !

I just heard from the guy, and some GOOD NEWS! After his agent called, they agreed to give him his full share! He said “now I can sleep at nights!”

The truly bad thing: is think of all our members who will be scammed without even knowing it.