Ex-employee’s case about SAG’s P&H Plan: Still Going!!!

The following is a transcription of a letter received by former SAG Employee and whistle blower Craig E. Simmons.

U.S. Department Of Labor
June 21, 2013

Mr. Graig E. Simmons

Dear Mr. Simmons:

I am contacting you to give you an update regarding this Office’s review of the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Health Plan and the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Pension Plan (the “Pans”)

As this Office previously indicated, we would contact you with a quarterly letter to update you on the general status of our review.  Although these letters will not provide investigative details or specific milestones, you will be informed whether or not the case is ongoing until such time as the case is closed.  Accordingly, this letter is to advise you that our review of the Plans is continuing.

As also mentioned previously, in order to preserve the integrity of our investigations, it is EBSA policy not to disclose substantive information until such times as public action is taken on an investigation, or the investigation is closed.  To release information prematurely, i.e. before an investigation is complete, may jeopardize the out come of any legal or other settlement action that this Office may be required to undertake.  However, at any time during this review, you may still communicate with this Office and provide any documents or information you wish to share.  We will, of course, review any information you provide to us.

If you have any questions, please contact Supervisory Investigator James Goldstein at (626) 229-1030.


Ty Fukumoto
Deputy Regional Director



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