A SAG WATCHDOG EXCLUSIVE! We’ve got those DELETED comments from the SAG Foundation website. The ones Melissa doesn’t want you to see!

These days it seems criticism, or any form of dissent, is not tolerated by the Current SAG Leadership! If you disagree with Mike Farrell he uses ‘your’ magazine to call you a misanthrope! Or Melissa uses her bully pulpit to label political opponents “Embedded Union Busters!” Of course if one chooses to criticize Ms. Gilbert on the SAG Foundation website regarding her recent hosting chores of a Foundation event, one’s comments are immediately deleted! In this case not immediately enough.

Click here to see the original SAG Foundation website comments page verbatim, before the comments were deleted. (requires Adobe PDF Reader) or scroll down for the exact text of the deleted comments.

Hmmm, methinks that if those in power could simply push a button and delete those who dare to criticize them—most of our surviving membership would reside in NY and the branches!


Actually, I had heard about Melissa’s antics that evening. I also heard the next day about SAG receiving several phone calls complaining about Ms. Gilbert’s moderating. But I chose not to mention it on the Ol’ SW Website becausewell, heck we can all act a little foolish from time to time. What makes the story newsworthy is that it exposes the fact that those currently in power will not tolerate any sort of criticismno matter how trivial. It seems our Prez hasn’t learned that in Showbiz you gotta take the good reviews with the bad. Ahhh, that is unless you have the power to delete them!


Click here to access the SAG Foundation site as it is now, and you’ll see only what Ms. Gilbert and the leadership want you to see. Sort of like the ATA/NATR and Consolidation Referenda or, for that matter, the Screen Actors Magazine! So, the next time you get information from Melissa Gilbert and her cohorts supporting their current agenda remember this post–and judge it accordingly!

Now the irony here is: Had they not deleted the criticism from the website it would have received a lot less exposure. It seems some folks never learn. Apparently their egos won’t let them.

A.L. Miller, SW Editor & Chief WOOF !


Following is the exact text of the comments originally posted:

Attendee Commentsjodi fleisher
Los Angeles,

I think i speak for all 650 SAG members who
were there at 7:30 to see and hear the
fabulous Johny Depp when i say…….never
EVER let Melissa Gilbert moderate again!!!!
She absolutely ruined the interview and left
all of us in the audience groaning with
disspointment at the lack of words we were
able to hear uttered from the REAL Star’s
lips, as well as each of us desperatley
wanting to jump on stage and shut Miss
Pres. up for good! She somehow was
oblivious to the groans and sighs everytime
she directed Johny’s comments back to
herself and how they relate to HER life! It
was not only disgusting, it was shameful. We
were aching to hear Johny expound on his
thoughts before being interrupted, cut off,
and asked a totaly different ridiculous
question, drawing the attention back to the
beloved Melissa, who by the way, thought
she was on her own personal date with the
artist. I am truly Appalled. And through it
All, Mr Depp was gracious, witty, patient and
completely aware of her shallow ploys to
ingratiate herself. HE IS AWE INSPIRING,
and deserves a much much much better
interview, and SAG deserves a better
representation. This was an embarrasment.
Self Glorifying, and unprofessional, the
interview would have been better had Johny
been left alone on stage with a pile of cards
to talk just with us. To your last comment,
MS Gilbert ; on the contrary, you truly
ruined OUR date with Johny, and you should
revisit your motives. It was a great loss of a
precious opportunity. The poor lady is
obviously lacking in some attention, so for
God’s sake, someone interview her and let
her get if off her chest and feel special!! ANd
to Johny…….thank you for your humble,
pure honesty. It did not go unseen…….. I
loved the movie even mroe the second time

Los Angeles, CA

I agree whole heartedly with Jodi. This was
my first “Conversations” event attended, and
I’m sad to say I don’t have much
enthusiasm to attend more. Most of the
blame rests on Mrs. Gilbert’s shoulders,
though I also was also disappointed to see
other members taking advantage of the
situation and Mr. Depp’s graciousness to
disrupt the conversation by giving him gifts
and asking for autographs. Poor ettiquette
and behaviour I think which goes further to
hurt our reputation as a union of
professionals. Mrs. Gilbert’s self aggrandizing
and poor choice of questions added to what
ended up being a disappointing interview. I
agree Johnny Depp performed admirably
under the circumstances and he was able to
insert some wonderful insights into his
career and philosophies about the film
business. What most strikes me about him
which was emphasized in the interview is
how unaffected he seems to be by his
celebrity, which I believe comes from a
conscious effort to avoid the pitfalls other
celebrities fall prey to when choosing roles
or creating their public persona. He is a
daring actor and an man in his own right,
and I’m satisfied I was able to learn that
from this experience, if nothing else.

Theresa R
Woodland Hills, CA

My sister and I both agree with Jodi’s
comments. Last night’s interview was an
embarrassment to the Guild and showed a
complete disrespect for Johnny Depp. The
last question asked (“Do you like eggs?”)
made both of us sick to our stomachs! We
drove an hour in traffic to get to this event,
parked half a mile away, as I’m sure many
of the other 1100 people did, to hear one of
our all time favorite actors share his
thoughts. Somehow Johnny managed to turn
every horrible question asked into something
interesting. Wouldn’t it have been nice to
hear him answer a few insightful questions
and maybe a few less questions submitted
by children. I supported Melissa as our SAG
President but now I’m beginning to question
my actions. How can a person (especially an
actress) with the inability to give complete
focus to a charismatic actor like Johnny
Depp head one of the most powerful unions
in the world? She certainly didn’t listen or
connect with her audience! And why weren’t
there a list of pre-selected questions?
Melissa was looking at her cards half of the
time, not paying attention to her guest! Very
unorganized and very disappointing. Johnny
Depp is such a sweet, tolerable guy. I can’t
imagine many actor’s in his league putting
up with what happened last night.

victoria gray
los angeles, ca

Melissa was completely embarrassing. I
could not focus on the interview because I
hung on to every word she said, worrying it
would be another embarrassment to SAG. I
was right! Please get someone more
qualified to do the interviewing!


Jodi, yes…you were able to speak on my
behalf! I attended the other screening. Did
Melissa happen to mention the story of the
time she met Johnny and her boobs were
leaking with breastmilk and he that made a
comment? Good God it was such a moment
of utter joy and profound revelation for me
that I HAD to write about it in my journal!
What an idiot! She didn’t notice the appalled
looks on our faces because she was too busy
with herself and her pointless stories.
What do you guys think of this…Bob should
hold the interviews! He is funny, charming,
witty and most of all seems to give a hoot
about giving us the space to learn from a
working actor.
Next time Melissa is moderating I will have
to think twice or practice a non-judgmental
Thank you Johnny for show us how to be
graceful with intelligence in the midst of
another person’s ignorance.

Carla S
Los Angeles, CA

I agree with everything said and have
something to add to Theresa’s remarks: The
last question asked was not “Do you like
eggs?”. Remember, it was a two-parter, and
part two of the question was “Do you know
anyone named Bob.”
How absolutely embarassing and totally
disrespectful to Johnny Depp and everyone
who attended. Somebody should have come
out with a big hook and pulled Ms. Gilbert off
the stage. Especially when she asked him to
named 3 of his favorite actresses and then
pointed at herself until she got his attention.