From The Watchdog Time Machine: A Peach of a Post from almost a Decade Ago.

It was a Peach of a Party, 19 April, 2004 (20:04) | 2004, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller

If the truth is to be known, the main reason that I maintain the Ol’ Watchdog website is because as a, ah, journalist, it guarantees me an invite to the “A” Christmas party of the year! It’s held annually by one of the hero’s of the 2000 strike, the one and only Peaches Johnson. Many of you know her from Peaches Corner!



I got an invite last year and it was great! Well, this year it was even bigger and better than ever! And by the time the Ol’ Dog arrived the joint was jumping! I squeezed through the crowd that had spilled out into the hall and made my way into Peaches cozy apartment!

Once inside, I proffered a 12 pack of Miller High Life, then promptly made my way to the fridge and nailed a Heineken!

I had noticed Scott Wilson and his lovely wife Heavenly while making my way through the crowd in the hall, so I retraced my steps–martini in hand! Hey, I was thirsty, Okay? Anyho’ Scott is not only one of the most knowledged members I know when it comes to SAG politics but also one of the nicest. And as usual after our conversation, I knew more than when it started!

Speaking of nice guys! Elliott Gould was there! Damn that’s the great thing about one of Peaches’ Parties! One minute you might be talking to a film star, and the next one you’re talking to a parking lot attendant or a commercial booker, film writer, SAG staff member, lawyer, TV reporter or office worker! They were all there!

Some of the celebrities and SAG notables that showed along with Elliott and Scott, were Brian Hamilton of IdoTVads, Jimmy Arone (He and Peaches along with other brave members gained world wide attention for our strike with their fast) Yale Summers, Peggy Miley, SA, Karl Warren and Cynthia Steele.  Hey, I think even a couple of young chicks recognized moi! I distinctly heard one say to another “Hey, catch the Ol’ Dog with the gray beard!”

Later, as I prepared to leave, Peaches handed me back my untouched 12 pack of Miller’s ah, apparently no one at the party enjoys “The High Life!” Fortunately, she didn’t notice the Heineken in my pocket!

A.L, Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

PS, The Ol’ Dog’s only bitch is that I arrived too late for some of Peache’s World Famous macaroni and cheese! It is to die for…ah, at least that’s what the coroner told me!    Hey, I told you everyone comes to Peaches Place.