Another Watchdog “Golden Oldie,” no if ands or Butts!!!!

SAG President Melissa Gilbert tells all on the Howard Stern show with some very revealing comments no ifs, ands or BUTTs

11 September, 2003 (18:52) | 2003, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller | [e]

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In early June, SAG President Melissa Gilbert appeared on the Howard Stern radio show! She was there to promote the proposed Consolidation of SAG and AFTRA.

After being the butt of Stern’s prurient patter, she seemed a bit taken aback when informed that there was someone waiting on the phone to DEBATE her. Melissa deftly demurred, “It’s okay, I don’t HAVE to debate today!” Stern: “You don’t wanna debate??” Melissa: “NO.”

During an interlude when there was a problem connecting the caller, Melissa coquettishly countered, Idea“Do you want me to call some people who support it?” Stern didn’t.

And… now she wants us to believe she seriously considered debating her opponent in this election, Kent McCord! Ah, Oooookay!

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Hmmmm, have Ms. Gilbert and her pals ever wanted to debate?


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