Fi-Core George and More!!!!!

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George. Sally. Tom. Oh my!

March 2, 2012 Posted by REJ

When it comes to “selling” this merger proposal, the unions are spending members dues money like it’s growing on trees. Have you received their glossy, colorful, larger than life postcard with the wonderful smiling faces of known and not so known actors and broadcasters? Well, we found 3 of those smiling faces quite compelling. Those are the faces of George Clooney, Sally Field and Tom Hanks, or as there known in other circles, “The Three Meanies.”

For those who may not remember or who have never heard about this legendary story, let us take you back to early 2008. The 100 day WGA strike had concluded and the DGA had just ended their “negotiations” (wink, wink, nod, nod) with the AMPTP. Word on the street was that Clooney, Field, De Niro, Streep, and dear old “Forrest Gump” Hanks, were about to publish an open letter in the press, demanding that SAG “just take the DGA deal and get us back to work.” They were threatening to publish this “Dear SAG” letter on the eve of SAG’s  tv/theatrical contract negotiations. With friends like that….

SAG president at the time, Alan Rosenberg and former NED and lead negotiator Doug Allen, quickly contacted these actors and invited them to a private home to freely discuss their concerns and to persuade them NOT TO publish the open letter. Other attendees that evening were SAG national board members, including Anne-Marie Johnson and Elliott Gould.

The following, in a nut shell, is what took place:

George Clooney demanded a guarantee that SAG would take the deal ASAP as to not “ruin his upcoming slate of films.”

Tom Hanks stated that he didn’t care if SAG was negotiating for “paper cups or paper plates, just get the deal done.”

Sally Field commented, after Ms. Johnson explained how she relied on her SAG residuals when she took a hiatus from work in order to take care of her mother, who was on life-support, “I don’t care about your dying mother, just make a deal.” Yes. That is EXACTLY what she said.

At that point the meeting was pretty much over. The “meanies” left and a few days later, their open letter was published in the Daily Variety. And the rest is history.

So, here they are again. Like a really bad, rank penny. George. Sally. Tom. Such wonderful unionists. Such supportive SAG members. Such….

And now they are lending their support to this merger attempt. Lending their beautiful, smiling two-faces. Great.

By the way. We wonder if SAG and AFTRA realize that George Clooney went Fi-Core with the WGA a few years ago. And his status is still Fi-Core. Apparently he didn’t like the WGA’s decision regarding writers credit on that fabulously entertaining hit, “The Leather Necks.” So, the ruling didn’t go his way and he took his marbles and went home.

And let’s not even talk about Tom Hanks’ “Band Of Brothers”. Have those actors ever seen a dime in residuals?

Great unionists. Even greater PRODUCERS! So, when SAG and AFTRA claim that the producers/employers are scared shitless of a potential merger, how do they explain the fact that 4 or so actor/producers on the new glossy pro merger postcard, whose productions are made in partnership with AMPTP employers, are LENDING their very familiar faces to help “sell” merger? If we tried, we couldn’t make this up.

By now you’ve received the merger package. It’s pretty thick. We hope the members take the time to read it all. We unfortunately doubt they will. But thank goodness members have great leaders like George “Fi-Core” Clooney, Sally “I Don’t Care About Your Dying Mother” Field and Tom “Why Should I Pay SAG Actors Residuals” Hanks. Common sense at last. NOT!


A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !