White gets Extended!

The guild’s board approved the move last spring, keeping David White in the fold as the merger process unfolds.

The Screen Actor Guild’s board has voted to extend National Executive Director David White’s contract, which was due to expire at the end of February 2012.

However, THRhas learned that move to re-up White came in April or May, i.e., at least seven months ago, and the extension is through February 2014 – not 2015, as has been reported elsewhere.

February 2012 would have been an awkward time for the guild’s executive director to leave, to put it mildly: if the SAG/AFTRA merger process proceeds according to the two unions’ plans, members will be receiving their merger ballots at the same time White would have been saying his goodbyes.

Indeed, the SAG board’s April 30 meeting is the same one during which the board approved formation of a Merger Taskforce – and announced January 2012 as the target date for receiving a merger plan. That timetable no doubt influenced the decision to extend the contract.

A SAG spokeswoman acknowledged that White’s contract had been extended, but had no other comment.



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