SW EXCLUSIVE 14 Thousand Union Members and only eight “Andy Gumps!” Let The Ol’ SAG Watchdog take you there with the all stunning SIGHTS & SOUNDS!

In what can only be termed a spectacular turnout, thousands upon thousands union leaders and members from all over the country showed up for the big UFCW rally yesterday (1/31/04) at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA.

Among the various unions SAG & AFTRA stood tall marching with their colorful banners proudly on display. Your humble Editor & Chief spotted several SAG notables including staff members Todd Amorde & Favel Stoda, board member Russell McConnell, Dave & Halcyon Shearer and IdoTVads icon Brian Hamilton! Representing AFTRA, President John Connelly and board member Paul Napier! Later on the podium with UFCW’s Secretary/Treasurer Joe Hanson and other dignitaries, SAG VP Mike Farrell and Sec/Treasurer James Cromwell took a bow to great applause.

It was a great day for unionism! Beside the fact that Safeway’s Steve Burd was a NO SHOW, the only other downside to the whole event was that with an estimated fourteen thousand members in attendance there was only eight port-a-potties! To give you an idea how long the lines were when I finally got about halfway there, I was stopped and checked to see if I was carrying any fruits or vegetables! Rim shot!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

For a dazzling montage of the Rally’s sights and sounds that will make you feel like you were actually there without any bladder inconvenience CLICK ON THE PIC!

*photos by Brian Hamilton, David Shearer and A.L.Miller. Union song by the Pickman!