(Updated) WGA West Announces Election Results!

The incumbent officers and several of the incumbent board members were reelected.

The WGA West (announced the final results of its 2013 officers and board of directors election Tuesday.

The following members were elected to serve as Officers: President – Christopher Keyser (inc.); Vice President – Howard A. Rodman (inc.); Secretary-Treasurer – Carl Gottlieb (inc.).

The abbreviation “inc.” indicates incumbent.

The following eight members were elected to the WGAW’s Board of Directors: Billy Ray (inc.), David S. Goyer (inc.), Patric M. Verrone (former WGA president), Alfredo Barrios, Jr. (inc.), Carleton Eastlake (inc.), Ari B. Rubin, Thania St. John (inc.), Karen Harris.

Numerical results for the winners: President: Christopher Keyser (1,217, 100%); Vice President: Howard A. Rodman (1,201, 100%), Secretary-Treasurer: Carl Gottlieb (713, 53.2%).  Board of Directors: Billy Ray (872, 10%), David S. Goyer (791, 9.1%), Patric M. Verrone (714, 8.2%), Alfredo Barrios, Jr. (683, 7.9%), Carleton Eastlake (667, 7.7%), Ari B. Rubin (631, 7.3%), Thania St. John (626, 7.2%), Karen Harris (611, 7%).

The Officers and Board members will serve for a term of two years, effective immediately.

Results for those not elected: Candidates for Officers: Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Wilcox (628, 46.8%).  Candidates for Board of Directors members: Jonathan Fernandez (600, 6.9%), Lee Aronsohn (565, 6.5%), Nancy Miller (521, 6%), Andrew Goldberg (451, 5.2%), Henry Alonso Myers (444, 5.1%), Cynthia Riddle (342, 3.9%), Flint Dille (172, 2%).

A total of 1,463 ballots were cast out of approximately 8,000 eligible voters, for a turnout of about 18 percent.  The ballot count was supervised by Robbin Johnson of Pacific Election Services, Inc., an independent firm.

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Let’s Hope our brother and sister WGA members made the write choice!


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‘Hunger Games’ Scribe Billy Ray, David Goyer, Patric Verrone Win WGA West Seats

September 17, 2013 | 03:59PM PT

Christopher Keyser re-elected president without opposition

Film Reporter @Variety DMcNary

“The Hunger Games” writer Billy Ray and “Man of Steel” scribe David Goyer have been re-elected to two-year terms on the Writers Guild of America board, winning the most votes of 16 board candidates.

Former president Patric M. Verrone *, who led the 2007-08 strike, was also elected to the board along with Alfredo Barrios, Jr., Carleton Eastlake, Ari B. Rubin, Thania St. John and Karen Harris, who won by 11 votes over Jonathan Fernandez. St. John, Eastlake and Barrios are also incumbents.

Incumbent VP Howard Rodman ran unopposed and incumbent secretary-treasurer Carl Gottlieb topped  Dan Wilcox.

The results also officially gave Christopher Keyser a second term as WGA West president — a foregone conclusion since no opposition emerged. It’s the first time in recent memory that a WGA West president has gone unopposed in an election, even though WGA West rules require that its nominating committee select opponents for all offices.

The WGA disclosed in June that the unidentified opponent selected for Keyser had declined to run. Timothy J. Lea had been announced as Rodman’s opponent in June, but subsequently withdrew.

Keyser, best known as the “Party of Five” showrunner, won the 2011 contest against Verrone by offering a low-key contrast with Verrone’s confrontational style, highlighted by the high drama of the strike.

Turnout was typically light with less than 20% of the 8,000 members voting. A total of 1,463 ballots were cast.

In the WGA East, which doesn’t require challengers for offices, president Michael Winship is running unopposed. The WGA East will announce its results Friday.

The WGA West reported in July that Hollywood writer earnings rose 4% last year to $1.02 billion as a 10.1% surge in TV writing overcame a 6.1% decline in feature film work as total covered earnings for WGA West members topped $1 billion for the first time.

The current master contract for the WGA with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expires next May 1. The WGA has not yet named its negotiating team.


Hmmm….The Turnout was light.  I have a theory on that.  Writer’s don’t like to make “X’s.” 
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