UPDATE: UFS Candidates stlll Breaking rules by the book!

You got to admit that the current SAG-AFTRA UFS leadership has been diligent about stopping those campaigning on the internet from using the SAG-AFTRA logo!   Ahhh, well, with ONE exception.  (Update added below!)


Unite for Strength - Hollywood, CA

Unite for Strength

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    Unite for Strength is a Los Angeles based group of professional performers committed to making SAG-AFTRA the world’s premiere Union for those who work in front of a camera or behind a microphone.



Yup!  Until they were caught by one of our diligent Membership Ist candidates, a couple of days ago, the above is what they had on THEIR website! 

Once revealed by the opposition that they were violating their own edict, they took  down the evidence!

What a trustworthy group, ah right?

Which brings up the next obvious question:  Will they be brought up on election violation
charges?  Or will the SAG-AFTRA electorate do the best thing and —-


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog



Parvesh Cheena - Los Angeles, CA

Parvesh Cheena

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    Hello pals. Life post OUTSOURCED is just life. C’mon! Cheer up! We had a good year!


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