If you ever had any doubt that SAG’s Restore Respect leadership was trying to administer the Coup De Grace to free and open debate and the dissemination of opposing viewpoints, the following post should settle that doubt!


First, they file a *moneyMILLION dollar suit against an individual whose only “crime” is FORWARDING legitimate e-mails—that opposed their Consolidation!

THE MESSAGE TO SAG MEMBERSHIP: If you FORWARD emails that we disagree with— WE WILL GET YOU!

Now, if you ever had any doubt that this lawsuit was about NOTHING more than REVENGE–and the SQUELCHING of Internet grass roots participation, read what our Restore Respect Leadership has “SUGGESTED” to SAG Candidates in this upcoming election.

” In order to avoid any problems with inadvertent violations of election rules, we SUGGEST that candidates put notes on their campaign emails and literature directing recipients NOT TO FORWARD THOSE EMAILS TO ANYONE!”

And you thought your union was still a DEMOCRACY!

Hey, I don’t normally do this—but would you please tell them to GO TO HELL !!by DOWNLOADING THIS ARTICLE, AND FORWARDING IT TO A FELLOW CONCERNED SAG MEMBER?

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

This story and a PEEK at that ” THREATENING” email to staff that they DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE! Don’t let them push you around—forward this to another concerned SAG Member. https://sagwatchdog.com

*(excerpted from a SAG sanctioned Candidate Guideline document entitled Restrictions on campaign contributions”)

** The formatting in the excerpt is SW’s.