*Update: The Ol’ Dog Don’t Get no Respect!!! They’re Still The SAG Awards, but, but,but…

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But, if they’re truly The Screen Actor Guild Awards, why the hell was AFTRA’s Roberta Reardon part of the ceremony along with Ken Howard.  I mean she ain’t even a SAG actress.  Well, okay she does have one IMDb credit,

Roberta Reardon IMDb
Team Umizoomi (TV series)

Journey to Numberland (2011) (voice)

But wait is that even a SAG credit?  It’s a Nickelodeon Show.  Oooops!  AFTRA!!!

Well, at least at the SAG awards, we had SAG’s President & SAG actor Ken Howard up there.  Huh?  What was that Nikki? “Ken Howard…is set to co-star in the ABC comedy Counter Culture…Counter Culture is produced under AFTRA jurisdiction.”  Huh, again?  Oh, did  we mention that The SAG Awards is an AFTRA Show?

But, but, but…you got to admit, there was lots of cheering when they proudly announced that SAG-AFTRA was now one entity.  Of course, I doubt if there were many actors in the room who have  lost their health insurance and pension credits because of all of the SAG acting jobs that have gone to AFTRA thanks to Ken Howard and the current UFS leadership.


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

Oh, and did  you notice they were careful not to call it The  SAG Lifetime Achievement Award?  Well, at least they still call the show  the SAG Awards.  Why is that?  TNT insisted on it!  Hey, our employers aren’t dummies!

Oh, again! Did you also notice on the broadcast they informed viewers that  ballots were counted by Integrity Voting!  But, wait, the info sent to members stated, “In keeping with our commitment to green  practices, the postcard you will receive includes details about how to vote online, which we encourage!”

Hmmm…woof! Woof!

*The Ol’ Dog Don’t get NO Respect:  I finally got my SAG copy of “Lincoln” and it starred Raymond Massey! *rah