“LiesNothing but Lies!” A little something Consolidation Purveyors failed to mention to members!


Remember during the AIMA Assault, how Melissa, Bob, Mike and the gang tried to convince members that the ONLY way to solve jurisdictional disputes between AFTRA and SAG was Consolidation.

They told us there was NO mechanism in place where as SAG/AFTRA could arbitrate such disputes. When critics pointed to 99-CVR-17R, an agreement signed by both unions that essentially mandated that neither would take any actions that would low-ball actors salaries. Their basic response was “Well, yeah, but gosh, there is no way to implement it!” They of course conveniently failed to mention the Joint Cooperative Committee.

P.136 Exhibit A Material
The National Code of Fair Practices

Joint Cooperative Committee

The parties have agreed to establish a Joint Cooperative Committee for assistance in dealing with problems arising in the application of this Exhibit A to network prime time dramatic programs the Committee shall determine ground rules, solutions to specific problems and waivers where appropriate. It is not intended that the Committee act as or be used as a “grievance committee”. It shall make appropriate rules governing those matters not specifically covered by the terms and conditions set forth above, attempting where practicable to utilize existing provisions in either the SAG Television Agreement or AFTRA Network Television Code, depending upon which is more appropriate under the circumstances.

Any such rule or determination as to which provision shall apply shall be grounded in the principle that differences between provisions of the AFTRA Network Television Code and the SAG Television Agreement, as interpreted and applied in practice, shall not operate to the economic disadvantage of an actor by reason of the fact that the actor’s contract of employment is subject to Exhibit A, rather than the SAG Television Agreement and AFTRA members of the Joint Cooperative Committee state that any agreement reached by the Committee must be ratified by the AFTRA National Board.

So you might be wondering why the leadership of SAG/AFTRA didn’t just sit down and implement a little INEXPENSIVE COOPERATION rather than spending MILLIONS ON CONSOLIDATION!

Is it any wonder why the more members learn about the Consolidation Caper, the more they cry out in frustration “Lies, nothing but Lies!”

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !