SAG Watchdog Exclusive Pisano goes public! Now we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop


SAG CEO Robert Pisano has released a statement through an intermediary in which he states “I will not recommend a (Consolidation/merger) plan that does not have broad consensus in Hollywood—and only after the TV/Basic deal is done!”

Okay, so Mr. Pisano has assured members that HE will not “recommend” such a plan!

Ah, but, of course, since he theoretically must act at the behest of the SAG board that does NOT guarantee that he would not implement such a plan if ordered to do so.

Therefore, to give real meaning to his assurance, You-Know-Who needs to issue a similar statement assuring us that she will neither implement, nor support any attempt at any sort of merger until after the TV/Theatrical extension agreement is up—and we have reached a satisfactory contract settlement!

Then and only then can the membership have any sort of assurance that the *money7 Million windfall from this dues increase will NOT BE USED for another attempt at Consolidation/Merger— but rather as a tool to help accomplish our goal of getting a fair TV/Theatrical contract which will include a fair share of the DVD pie!

In the meantime, we are anxiously waiting for the OTHER SHOE TO DROP!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !