Grumblings From SAG Staff

It has been reported to Ye Ol’ Scribe from several sources that there are staff grumblings emanating from 5757 Wilshire!

It seems the SAG Staff, like much of the membership, is not too happy with the direction our guild is taking under the leadership of CEO Bob Pisano. Not only has he whipsawed* himself a new, nice contract with a hefty raise–with all the accompanying goodies, but he has brought in new industry execs with extremely generous deals!** All of this while offering perceived ‘leftovers’ to the rest of the staff!

Oh, well, we can only say to our loyal staff members ah, don’t do anything hasty!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

*During the last plenary, without any prior warning, Board Members had Mr. Pisano’s “UNAMENDABLE” Contract sprung on them several months before its expiration! Mr. Pisano in the true spirit of cooperation offered the guild a “Take it or leave it” deal! So, once again under the guise of UNITY, Board members where whipsawed into giving Mr. Pisano all of his goodies!

Hey, I mean with the new contract coming up–and all that stuff, how would it look if the word got out that Mr. Pisano was leaving? Ah, on the other hand, since our CEO’s contract will not be up until after contract negotiations perhaps in the spirit of unity, and in a demonstration of cooperation , he could of waited a couple of months before PUTTING THE SCREWS to us!

** My original word was that NED of Communications Seth Oster will receive 3 times the salary of Illyanne Kichaven, who had been working as Acting Director of National Communications.

However I have subsequently received word from a high ranking staff member that I was way off on my estimate. Undeterred, I am confident that I will receive an answer to my query requesting the correct figures so that I can accurately funnel the info to Mr. Oster’s employers—YOU THE MEMBERSHIP !!