Committee Seats and the NEC Anne-Marie Johnson reelected as First VP and more

The Hollywood board has reelected Membership First’s Anne-Marie Johnson as Ist VP, and Joe D’Angerio will take UFS’s Ken Howard seat on the Hollywood Board (Howard had to give up that seat when he was elected as SAG’s President. )

By the way Mr. Howard reportedly was their and looked in tip top shape. So, the Ol’ Dog will have to take BACK his report about Howard having surgery. Once, again my apology to him, and say that I’m glad I turned out to be wrong.

More updates when they come in.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

* Some more info from tonight’s Hollywood board meeting: Ken Howard will head the Agents Relations Committee, and the big news is that Membership First has control of the NEC (National Executive Committee) and, even, poor Ned Vaughn, who was completely rejected by SAG voters will head the Communications Committeehmmm, maybe he will use his position to communicate to the membership how he feels about them.

You think?

I got some more stuff here, but it’s getting late, and I’ll put more up tomorrow.