SAG-AFTRA Prez “Keep Our eye on the Prize!!!”

SAG-AFTRA Inaugural National Convention Concludes with Officer Speeches, United for Our Future

SAG-AFTRA Inaugural National Convention Concludes with Officer Speeches, United for Our Future

September 29, 2013, 6:08pm

SAG-AFTRA Inaugural National Convention Concludes with Officer Speeches, United for Our Future

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 29, 2013)– The inaugural SAG-AFTRA National Convention concluded today with inspiring speeches from the union’s top officers, which focused on the convention’s theme: United for Our Future. The day capped a four-day convention bringing together member delegates from across the country to celebrate union solidarity and conduct business.  In closing remarks, SAG-AFTRA National President Ken Howard called upon delegates to take the hard work they did at convention back to their locals and continue the conversation.

 “These days have been filled with reminders of what we do and why we choose to do it. We entertain and inform the world and our work can change lives,” Howard said.  “We must always keep our eye on the prize: we are here to serve, to consider, to advise, to decide, and to lead – for the members. Our guiding principle must always be what is right for the members; that which serves the members’ interests.”

The last day of convention began with Howard congratulating the newly elected national and member category vice presidents. He also thanked former Co-President Roberta Reardon for her service and dedication to the merger campaign. The final constitutional amendments and resolutions were presented and considered for voting. A full report will follow.

Two video reports highlighted successful organizing efforts in sound recordings for dancers. Bobbie Bates discussed the Music Video Contract and Ellen Crawford brought delegates up to date on the new Touring Agreement campaign.

National Secretary-Treasurer Amy Aquino addressed the delegation, reporting on the union’s finances and her experience at convention. Said Aquino, “I didn’t know what to expect of this convention. I had attended a number of AFTRA conventions … But this was something utterly unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  The fact is I have been completely overwhelmed by the experience and by the massive potential here.”

Aquino also acknowledged her partnership and longtime friendship with former Co-Secretary-Treasurer Matt Kimbrough and also former National Executive Vice President Ned Vaughn.

National Executive Vice President Gabrielle Carteris delivered closing remarks, saying, “What we have done this weekend – at this convention – is beginning the shape of our foundation.  We have listened, we have debated, we have worked through interests and concerns …What we have done are create a framework to better member’s lives. I believe we have begun a proud and enduring legacy upon which our later generations will reflect and benefit.”

National Executive Director David White delivered a report on the state of the union saying, “We are all united, for your future and for ours. We are thrilled to be your partners in this important work and we look forward to making SAG-AFTRA even greater – together.”

A closing video took a look back at highlights of the convention showcasing the hard work of delegates and staff.

The next SAG-AFTRA convention will take place in 2015.


We must always keep our eye on the prize!”  Translation: Under Mr. Howard and his cronies, who gave away actor’s NLRB jurisdiction to AFTRA,  the only way , you as an actor, can make it is if you win the Lottery!!!


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