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SAG’s New York Branch President Calls SAG Watchdog’s Editor & Chief INSANE

9 September, 2003 (18:52) | 2003, SAG Politics | By: Arlin Miller | [e]

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In a scathing e-mail, New York Branch President Eileen Henry, head of the notoriously myopic “Double Vision” New York USAN/Restore Respect Slate, has accused award winning SAG Watchdog editor & Chief (and all around good guy A.L. Miller) of being insane!
Meanwhile, Ms. Henry’s despicable declaration has so incensed Mr. Miller’s “Close Personal Friend,” the always alluring Amanda Reckonwith–
that she has challenged Ms. Henry’s “Close Personal Friend” former SAG president Richard Masur to duke it out. Mano a mano!
Mr. Miller’s only explanation of the SAG Branch President’s ignoble, insanity indictment was “Apparently Ms. Henry is not crazy about our SAG Watchdog website!”
When asked if he planned to run Ms. Henry’s email through his Amazing DeBUNKolator, Abner Furbish III would only say that he was looking into the matter. *Insiders say Mr. Furbish is hesitant to run another USAN/Restore Respect document through his amazing machine so soon after the recent, near disastrous deBUNKolation during which the putrid propaganda triggered a massive overload of the Autospastic PukeOlator!
Mr. Furbish is said to spend much of his spare time since the recent incident perusing the Membership First! website which he calls a needed breath of fresh air. For your own personal breath of fresh air click the following link:Membership First!Note: *The above photographs are not in reality the actual participants, but are in fact professional look-a-likes hired for the occasion!  ——-

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