Cinematographer President takes Action to stop runaway productions from getting out of frame!


In a Variety Article dated April 25th 2004, Dave McNary reported that the members of the Intl. Cinematographers Guild had ‘tapped’ as their President Gary Dunham “after a campaign stressing the need for a more confrontational stance on fighting runaway production.”

Dunham told Daily Variety “We have to do more than simply wait for federal legislation because that position has not been effective or expedient. Our members are hurting badly because of runaway production.”


Just a Little over 2 MONTHS later: This story appeared in todays LA Times!

Film Workers Seek U.S. Action on Subsidies

From Reuters

July 1, 2004

U.S. cinematographers and other film industry workers have asked the Bush administration to take action against Canadian, Australian and other government filmmaking subsidies that they say have lured away tens of thousands of jobs.

The Bush administration created the Unfair Trade Practices Task Force as part of an initiative aimed at helping the U.S. manufacturing sector, which has lost nearly 3 million jobs since 2000.

“We are asking that the Unfair Trade Practices Task Force address these [foreign film] subsidies as one of its first priorities,” the Film and Television Action Committee said.


Apparently, Mr. Dunham is not only a man of his word—but also a man of reel action. Hmmm, now how long has it been since Ms. Gilbert became President? And what actions has she taken to stop runaway production—beyond trying to get a better deal for fellow producers?

Ahhh, one more question. If we gave Mr. Dunham a waiver, I wonder if he might consider running for President of SAG?

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !