Tom Hanks, Holland Taylor and Jon Cryer want you to vote for the proposed, NON-UNION, UNION!!!!!!

Did you get your, Tom Hanks, Holland Taylor and Jon Cryer post card urging rank an file SAG members to vote for this SAG/AFTRA merger that will allow THOUSANDS of Broadcast members like Bill O’Rielly ( $10 MILLION A YEAR),  Kieth Olbemann ($7,5 MILLION A YEAR) and Chris Matthews ($5 MILLION A YEAR) to work under NON-UNION cable contracts WITHOUT PAYING ONE PENNY IN DUES ON THAT MONEY–while rank and file members will pay dues on ALL of their acting income.

Do You think that’s fair? 

And how long do you think it will be before this new makeshift remake of AFTRA will last before it will crumble from within?  Hey that’s why producers are allowing pro merger pawns on their sets to promote this SAG KILLING MERGER.


The Ol’ SAG Watchdog

* If you think it’s a good idea to allow these multi-millionaire broadcasters to WORK NON-UNION in the NEW UNION please post below.  And in regards to this post please post under your name.  Thanks*

Please vote while there’s still time.