SAG-AFTRA Members Hit by Oct. 18 Hack at ART Payroll!

December 3, 2014 | 06:17PM PT

SAG-AFTRA members have been notified that hackers may have obtained their data from an Oct. 18 data security breach at American Residuals and Talent Inc. The union notified members this week of the hack. “The breach may have affected the data of individuals who have received payments from ART Payroll,” SAG-AFTRA said. “We are working with ART Payroll to ensure all proper steps are taken to mitigate this data security breach.”

Chris Dilenno, an attorney for ART Payroll, told Variety that its clients were notified last week of the breach. He noted that the Oct. 18 breach lasted less than two hours.

ART President Emily Erskine said that the information potentially accessed by the intruders includes clients’ names, Social Security numbers, addresses, bank account information, date of birth and email addresses.

“On October 18, we detected an unauthorized login onto our web application,” she wrote in a letter to clients. “We worked immediately to contain the unauthorized access and prevent it from happening again. The unauthorized intruders had access to the database for less than two hours. We launched an investigation and retained outside forensic experts to confirm whether employee information may have been accessed.”

She said that investigators determined that SAG-AFTRA data  may have been accessed by the intruders.

“While our investigation is ongoing, it is possible that none of your information was accessed or taken,” Erskine added. “We are unaware of any actual or attempted misuse of your information, but we are providing notice of this incident to you out of an abundance of caution.”



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