Abra-Cadabra Now you see it! Now you don’t! Be the first on your block to take the SAG Watchdog Quiz to find out what disappeared from the SAG WebsiteAnd Why!

Well, folks, the SAG Website did a little magic act on Tuesday (6/ 22/04) and made something on the Main SAG Web Page disappear! What was it? How about a quiz? Now you Watchdog Newcomers may have difficulty with our little quiz, but I’m sure our SAG Watchdog regulars, who are pretty hip to the current leaderships’ modus operandi, will get the correct answer without any trouble!

Okay, here is the question: which ONE of the following two reproductions suddenly, and without explanation, disappeared from SAG’s Main Web Page?

Both reproductions help Members find something.

Choice Number one: helps members “Look for the latest issue of the Screen Actors Magazine in their mailboxes.” This of course is for members who might look for the magazine in their back yard, on their local street corner or at their favorite local pub.

Choice Number two: helps members look for and locate Missing Residuals in the Missing Performers Data Base!

Now if you picked Choice Number One, what can we say but Welcome to the Ol’ SAG Watchdog Website!

If you picked Choice Number Two: YOU ARE CORRECT! Oh, and nice to have you back!

Now why would such an important announcement and link that helps members find Missing Back Residuals be removed from the main page? Good question! There are the skeptics among some of our members who might say its because of a series of potentially embarrassing posts by Terrence Beasor on the popular website IdoTVads!* A series of posts that revealed that Mr. Pisano and his minions have been UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO LOCATE certain high-profile members or their heirs to inform them that SAG was holding residual checks for them.

The list of members and heirs that Mr. “The Buck Stops Here” Pisano has been unwilling or unable to locate includes James Cagney, (You remember him? SAG named the Hollywood Boardroom after him.) Broderick Crawford, Loretta Young, Kim Hunter, Butterfly McQueen, Jack Lemmon, Gary Cooper, Shirley Booth, Audrey Hepburn, Donna Reed, Frank Sinatra, (Sorry Frank, they are Doing it Their Way) and Bud Abbot & Lou Costello. Oh yeah, and MICHAEL LANDON !!

Michael Landon, you know the guy who made President Melissa Gilbert’s career by starring her on “The Little House in the Prairie.” Now here is a far out idea. Did it ever occur to anyone to say to Melissa “Ah, Madame President we’ve got some missing money for Michael Landon, you got any idea how we can reach his family?” Hell, they probably could have mailed out a letter to Michael Landon care of the” Little House on the Prairie” and it would have eventually reached his estate.

Now, another possible, and potentially more disturbing, reason for what appears to be a lack of interest in finding missing members and their heirs is that the money in trust for these 36,000 missing members amounts to *money 17 Million dollars! That’s a lot of money folks! Money that belongs to SAG members, people who worked SAG contracts, or their heirs! Money in an interest bearing trust account that is just sitting there! Hmmmm, or is it just sitting there?

Now say SAG was using the interest from this account for other purposes. Then, hey, they’d have a conflict of Interest wouldn’t they? I mean on one hand they are supposed to find members or their heirs and get them their money. On, the other hand, the less members they find the more money that remains in that INTEREST BEARING TRUST account!

Here’s a thought! We have P&H trustee’s made up of respected SAG members who have a fiduciary responsibility to the membership! How about a similar group who have a fiduciary responsibility to our Missing Members and their heirs. I don’t know about you but when I go to the Big Branch up in the Sky, I want to make sure my family gets my Missing Residuals.

Oh, by the way, you can still access the list of Missing Residuals. It’s just a tad more difficult to locate. Access the SAG Website at www.sag.org go to Resources on the right side of the page, click open the window, then scan down to Missing Members, and click.

Oh, and if you’re still having difficulty finding that SAG Magazine in your mailbox, just go to the Main SAG Website Page and click on the above featured add which is prominently displayed at the top of the page!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

PS: All of the pertinent information in this post resulted from the investigative efforts of Terrence Beasor.