Is their a “Central” problem in the Recent 20th Century Fox “Extra” Debacle

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First I’d like to thank you for your tremendous response to this story!  Secondly,  I’m happy to tell you that 20th has agreed to pay the extra, at the center of this controversy–and it will in no way interfere with the extra’s ability to work there in the future.  Good news, right?

But, but, but…hold on!  Maybe all is not as swell as it seems here!  Could it be–as some of you say– that Central Casting keeps a secret file on UNION ACTORS!  Files that in some cases basically say “Do not hire this actor!”

My God!!!

I thought that sort of Blackballing had ended back in the “Fifties!”  But “NO” the word is that it continues today–and it’s still directed at members of the creative community!

Hmmm…so maybe it’s time for our union to create it’s own “Hiring Hall! for Background Actors!”  One that has a “Central” Theme that would end Blackballing–and which would be based on True American policies of openness and fair play!


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