Ballots Counted WHERE?????

This from SAG member Mobin M K Khan: “I understand that our ballots are mailed to SEATTLE Office of INTEGRITY VOTING SYSTEMS.
And they can declare anything they want under the guidance of the current SAG Officials. Majority of us are in LA.  In 2003 ballot counting was in LA and that was big defeat for merger.
I am really concerned if counting will be held in Seattle and not in LA.”
Thanks for the heads up, Mobin,  I just checked my ballot envelope addressed c/o of Integrity Voting Systems in Everett Washington.
Huh?  Who from the opposition will be involved in the supervision of  this most important count?
*Let’s see our union will now be Incorporated in DELAWARE.
*Our ballots counted in Everett, Washington.
What next with this “merger?” AFTRA’s  Roberta Reardon, and Kim Roberts Hedgpeth along with SAG’s Ken Howard and David White and the rest of the gang pushing to destroy our beloved union The Screen Actors Guild…
*…will be headquartered in the Cayman Islands?
The Ol’ Watchdog