New Updates: “Minor Accomplishments” and “Monarch Cove,” “Dirt” “Army Wives” Contract


The contracts AFTRA doesn’t want their own members to see  Contracts included so far, Disney,’s It’s A Laugh Productions, Army Wives, and “Dirt!”

(Update at bottom of post)

If you don’t believe AFTRA’s current leadership doesn’t want you see these contracts, let me exhibit a letter and contract that AFTRA sent me after considerable pressure on my part.

It is the “It’s a Laugh Productions, Inc.” agreement between Disney and AFTRA leadership. As, you read it, remember it sacrifices actors livelihood to a company that reported annual revenue of *moneyTHIRTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS–a significant amount that Disney credited, in the press, to such highly successful AFTRA cable shows like Hannah Montana and others.

You’ll notice the use of intimidation in the letter to persuade me to NOT reveal the contracts content to you. Sorry, guys, it ain’t gonna work on the Ol’ Dog.

Now I suppose those at AFTRA screwing actors can bring me up on charges or sue me.

Well, how about this! I think AFTRA is bluffing, just like they bluffed when they indicated to SAG that they would engage in all out war by going after Primetime shows with lowball contracts. After a conversation with the DOL, I think the memberships’ right to know, trumps any reasons AFTRA’s Leadership might have to keep their contracts secret.

So, we’ll find out if the Ol’ Dog is right. What can I say but


Bring it on, and trust me, I ain’t gonna BLINK!

Now let’s look at that AFTRA contract that they don’t want you to see, for good reason.

You’ll notice beyond the residual giveaway in Section 4. (Exhibition Period) the particular Egregious Section 8. (Pre-Payment of Residuals) that allows the good-hearted folks and Disney to apply, with no limitations, original compensation against any residuals that actors, mostly kids, may receive.

(SAG allows buyouts under certain conditions, but there are restrictions not found in the Disney contract.

For instance, the SAG TV agreement forbids applying original compensation against residuals for day players and term players. As to all other performers they “may agree to an advance payment for rerunsprovided the payment is separately listed and is paid in addition to the salary”)

You’ll notice that this particular despicable pre-condition isn’t included in Lifetime’s “Army Wives” contract. (Which I will post next) But then most savvy adult actors wouldn’t go for that sh*t.

What can we say Mickey loves kids.

There you go Kiddies.

Within the next 48 hours we’ll put up another AFTRA residual giveaway contract, and will continue to do so until we’re shut down or we run out of contracts. (If you have one and would like to get it to me. Instructions for comments to the Watchdog are listed on the above toolbar. All responses will be strictly confidential.)

Look for the update icon indicating when the next contract has been added.

* Now let’s have a look at AFTRA’s “Army Wives” Contract. It has the same residual giveaways as set forth in (4.) Program Plays. A stipulation that guaranteed no residuals for Army Wives actors the first year, since none of the shows played beyond the stated free exhibition days.

Also, pay attention to paragraph 2 under (3.) Compensation.

AFTRA claims they don’t have caps on background players. What they don’t mention is the fact that whenever there is any chance of that happening they will do what they have done in the past “waive” those caps.

“AFTRA will in good faith grant waivers for background actors in large crowd scenes consistent with its prior practice in doing so.”

I have yet to be brought up on charges for posting these contracts, but will continue to post them, and will keep you up to date on what happens in this regard.


More contracts coming on this page.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

* The AFTRA “Dirt” contract with Touchstone Pictures

Next we have AFTRA’s “Dirt” Contract. “Dirt” is shown on FX, and the FX Brand Network including FX HD and outlets around the world.

The Ol’ Dog has only managed to get his hands on the first two pages but, even so, they are very revealing.

For instance, under “Scope” you’ll notice that they have labeled the Touchstone Television agreement as a low budget project. I guess the idea being that if Touchstone wants to spend less money that justifies giving actors less money.

Now that AFTRA has terminated the Phase One Agreement, and will go it alone negotiating with the AMPTP, can it be long before they will sell out actors if the producers for the networks decide to do low budget projects? This is one reason I believe that SAG needs to assert its jurisdiction over all acting done on TV except that done in the manner of a live broadcast. If they don’t residuals will soon be a thing of the past.

Also, you background actors take notice of paragraph two of (3.) “Compensation.” With their good faith waiver policy, AFTRA claim of no caps, is little more than a con job.

Also, in (4.) Program plays, not only does it include initial compensation constitutes payment in full for 15 exhibition days, but it allows the producer to apply those free exhibition days to, not only FX, FX HD (available to 90 Million viewers) but to the entire FX branded cable network which extends around the globe.

The Ol’ Dog has yet to be brought up on charges for posting these contracts that AFTRA doesn’t want you to see. I’ll have another one up in a day or to.

* Here’s a couple more of the contracts that AFTRA doesn’t want you to see. First, Bianca pilot for the AFTRA, Monarch Cove series shot in Australia. (So much for the bogus claim, that by low-balling SAG contracts, AFTRA is keeping shows from leaving the USA. Other AFTRA low-ball cable shows shot out of country include Kyle XY, Till Death, and The Best Years.)

Following the Bianca pilot, we have the AFTRA pilot for the IFC series “Minor Accomplishments,” entitled “Darkness at Noon.

First, the Monarch Cove Pilot: You’ll notice that original compensation included allowing the producers to run the show as many times as they liked in 15 exhibition days. Meaning no residuals for the first year.

Here are two pages that we managed to get our hands on for your viewing.


Monarch Cove played on Lifetime Channel, the following pilot “Darkeness at Noon” ended up
on IFC as Minor accomplishments.

You’ll notice its actors got 80% of scale and for that they gave up 10 free exhibition days, pretty well ensuring that they’d get no residuals the first year. Also, take notice of the paragraph on background actors, especially in light of AFTRA’s stated “no cap” policy.

My recommendations for current AFTRA election rerun are the following “AFTRA Artist” Candidates:

For the Actor AFTRA “Los Angeles” Board of Directors: Vote for only 3 candidates Steven Barr, Carole Elliott and Russell McConnell. All others are part of the current leadership that is responsible for AFTRA undercutting its own contracts with under par contracts with residual giveaways.

For the Actor AFTRA National Board of Directors: Vote for Bonnie Bartlett, Sumi Haru, and Carole Elliott!

For Stunt person: Jane Austin

For the “At-Large” category: Steven Barr, Anthony DeSantis, Frances Fisher, Peggy Miley, Jeff Austin, Paul Napier, David Sobolov, Russell McConnell.

Now that AFTRA’s current leadership has terminated Phase One, it is more important than ever that there are AFTRA board members that will look out for actors interests.

(Not paid for with AFTRA funds)

You know there is an AFTRA election rerun going on due to election violations by the AFTRA Leadership, and there is a slate running called AFTRA Artist that is dedicated to saving residuals.

If you are concerned about your residuals being given away, you might want to read the following.



*Ballots must be received by April 15, 2008)