SAG Watchdog Exclusive We’ve got the BREAKDOWN of the dues increase, ahBREAKDOWN!


Usually, those at SAG can’t wait to post the breakdown of how members voted on a certain referendum. If on a rare occasion, they score a victory, the numbers are presented in glowing terms.

On the other hand, if they fail, they present them in such a way so as to blame someone else for their failure. Hmmm, now that these numbers are out, I wonder how they’ll explain away the fact that 56.07% of Hollywood Voters OVERWHELMINGLY voted NO!

Here is a general breakdown: 108,156 ballots mailed. 39,167 returned. That’s 36.21 %.

20,319 NO votes
18,848 YES votes

51.88% NO
48.12% YES

Now here’s the REAL interesting part!

HOLLYWOOD: With over 50 percent of the members, who account for about 65 PERCENT OF SAG’S REVENUE, voted OVERWHELMINGLY AGAINST the Dues Hike!

And remember the real issue here was not a dues hike, but rather do you trust the current leadership under CEO Bob Pisano and Melissa Gilbert with MORE OF YOUR *money MONEY! The answer in Hollywood, a RESOUNDING “NO!” *up

Here they are Bob, read ’em and weep!


NO votes: 12,200/ 56:07%
YES votes: 9,558/ 43.93%

So, it seems CEO Bob, Melissa, Mike, Jamie and the gang HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH THE HOLLYWOOD MEMBERSHIP! * And it appears they are even beginning to lose touch with New York Members.

New York:

YES votes: 4,330/ 50.91 %
NO votes: 4,175/ 49.09%

So could it be their touch with New York Members is eroding! * But, son of a gun, they are still getting respect from the branches— where they’ve still got the touch! In fact the branches were more than willing to be touched at an overwhelming rate. *


YES Votes: 4,960/ 55.71%
NO Votes: 3,944/ 44.29%

Now, here’s the funny part, the Branch Board members, CRYING POVERTY, *baby recently PUSHED and PASSED a constitutional amendment to give themselves up to SIX months, minus a day, to pay their dues and still serve on the board! So you ask, gee, if they are so hard up that they have a hard time paying their dues on time, why would they be so gung ho about a dues increase? Gosh, I don’t know! But, well, the branches are pretty much controlled by AFTRAah, and I’m betting they still want to Consolidate, and, gee, with all that extra money coming in, CEO Bob could have another go at Consolidation and this time PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS!

Yeah, but how do you get all those “poverty stricken” branch members to go along? “Hey, is 30 bucks that much to keep your branch open?” “Well, gosh, I, I, guess not!” “That’s the ticket!” * Now, this is no slam against our branch members! All of us remember how they came through for us BIG TIME *up during the last strike! A big part of their numbers is a result of isolation—and only getting one side of the issue. And, in case, you didn’t know, Bob and the boys did not allow those opposing this increase, traditional access, for a price, to those members so as to give them the other side of the story. *do

Of course, this is just your Ol’ SAG Watchdog Editor & Chief’s take on the breakdown. I’m sure that those currently at the helm at 5757 just might come up with a little spin on the numbers! I got it! It’s those GAWD DUMB, NONE WORKING, LOW WAGE EARNING, AGENTLESS, MISANTHROPIC, EMBEDDED UNION BUSTING DISSIDENTS! You know! The ones they always court before the vote—and then blame afterwards!

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !