A ReBUTTal of Mike Farrell The Flim Flame Man He talks but his mouth don’t move! Find out why as the SAG Watchdog gets to the BOTTOM of his acrimonious assaults!

What an assinine chapter in the history of Screen Actor Magazine: Celebrating 70 years by trashing those who disagree with the current administration’s agenda. President Gilbert, NY Branch President Eileen Henry, and 1st Vice President Mike Farrell use their exclusive access to OUR magazine for below the belt attacks of their political opponents!

How cheeky can you get? Mike Farrell uses members’ money to assail his adversaries as “misanthropes” with accusation and inn-u-endo! In a recent SAG Watchdog article exposing the blatant hypocrisy of Mr. Farrell, we showed a photo of him with his mouth moving. However, after reading Mr. Farrell’s petty, pedantic, preachy column (my assonance is killing me) in the latest Screen Actor Magazine it is readily apparent that his fire and brimstone are emanating from another orifice!

The “misanthrope” remark aside, let’s check some of his bogus assaults!.

*butt Farrell: “But every step along this complicated path toward victory over those who would diminish you, we have been under attack”

I suppose by this he means those who would have the audacity to disagree with him. On the other hand, when Mr. Farrell disagrees with the current administration in Washington on “their complicated path toward victory” that’s OK, because, ah, well, ah, Mr. Farrell is NEVER WRONG!

*butt Farrell: “They insist that anyone whose viewpoint differs from theirs is misguided, inept, disloyal or actively working in the service of the enemy.”

Ah, Mike you mean like Melissa’s statement “If you don’t think a lot of the infighting between SAG and AFTRA is created by our employers and THEIR EMBEDDED UNION BUSTERS, you’re fooling yourself!”

*butt Farrell: “While debate on issues is healthy when it CLARIFIES understanding of the ramifications of steps being considered”

Except in a Minority Report, right Mike?

*butt Farrell: “The fear campaign that narrowly defeated the Consolidation & Affiliation Plan was a case in point!”

Once again, Mike seems to be confused about which side wages fear campaigns! I don’t believe it was Membership First who warned that if we didn’t consolidate there would be a digital warand can any of us forget Melissa’s ATA/NATR Battle Cry, “It will be the Wild West out there!”

*butt Farrell: “To frighten memberswith claims that their pensions would be endangered!”

Huh? Another misrepresentation of what was said. No one ever said anyone’s pension would be endangered! Perhaps Mr. Farrell, who never backs up any of his claims with documentation, is referring to the Mercer Report Memorandum which concluded “that it is not in the best interests of Plan Participants to consolidate the SAG-Producers Pension and Health Plans with the AFTRA Health Plans because it would result in a diminution in benefits and an increase in administrations costs.” ?

Mike proclaims the assertion that under Consolidation members could lose their right to vote is FALSE! Disingenuously ignoring Article 11, Sec.1.C.3 of the proposed AIMA Constitution which dealt with which “Affected” members would be allowed to vote on contracts and referendums. It stated “The Affiliate Board(s) may ESTABLISH criteria to determine who are AFFECTED members!” This is almost the exact same language as a previously failed “Qualified Voting” Amendment.

Now, when this irrefutable documentation has been shown to Mike in the past, his response is the all encompassing “FALSE!” Hey, it’s hard to refute a CLARIFYING argument like that, huh?

*butt Farrell: “The divide is deepening and widening, lawsuits most of which can fairly be described as TACTICAL”

Now Mike is an expert when it comes to tactical decisions: You see, he’s a guy who admitted in public that not having a Minority Report was a tactical mistakenot a moral or ethical one mind you, but, ah, tactical.

*butt Farrell: “The Staff isthreatened—often by cowardly anonymous messages!”

Exactly! Mike they’re anonymousthat means that the perpetrators are wellah, anonymous? But that of course doesn’t stop Mikey baby from insinuating that they came from his political opponents. Of course, anyone who has ever worked in an office knows there is no way that they could have come from a disgruntled employee or co-worker; or for that matter, some unrelated crackpotah, nah, not here in Los Angeles.

*butt Farrell: “Our highly prized and expert Chief has now resigned, crediting endless “infighting, politics and personal agendas.”

Right, Mike she quit to work in a Monastery!

*butt Farrell: You are told that the Guild is a smug, club run “behind closed doors”

Well? Actually there is no way to confirm that– since most of what goes on, goes on behind, ah,closed doors– under the penalty of Confidentiality. And of course no one could accuse Mike Farrell of being smug!

*butt Farrell: “You are told that the current elected leadership marches in lock-step with them and wasted your dues money trying to force down your throat an unnecessary merger with a failing union. False!”

Once again, you can’t argue with proof like that. However, in regard to wasted dues money, what can we say but.. ” $2.5 MILLION!”

As to consolidation being FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS, my response is: “Less Dues, More Muscle!” “More Clout To get things Done?” “So Vote Early and Often!” “It’s a partnership for power-for your career, for your future?” “Leverage=power!” “Consolidation=Strength” “We can’t wait nay longer! Vote Yes for Strength!” “It’s a partnership for power-for your career, for your future.” “No Member Left Behind?” “One Union or No Union at all!” “No Bells! No Whistles! No Kidding!” “Same Name-Same Vision!” “Consolidation Means Strength?” “Here’s a Role You Can’t Afford To Pass up!” “Partnership For Power!” “Take Control of your future?” “One Strong Union, One Powerful Union, One Effective Union?” “Vote yes-It just makes sense!” “A United Front for Maximum Leverage at the Bargaining Table” “Focus on Contracts, Not on Competition Between Unions” “Organizing Clout to Create More Union Job Opportunities” “The Best Protection Of Our Health and Pension Benefits” “Tough, Consistent Contract Enforcement so we get what we are due.” “Efficient, Up-To-Date & Responsive to our needs as members!” “No More wasted resources: We get the most out of our dues dollars. “Combined strength and expertise focused on jobs and benefits” “Only Consolidation will protect your livelihood!” “Don’t Buy The Employer Spin On Consolidation!” “Status Quo Doesn’t Work.” Etc.,etc.etc ad nauseam .*

Oh, and let’s not forget that FALSEHOOD, about AFTRA being a failing union:


Variety Magazine
HOLLYWOODThe American Federation of Television & Radio Artists HAS ADMITTED its reserves have been depleted to less than two months of operating expenses after posting deficits for the past seven yearswhich include operating deficits totaling $8 million during the last five fiscal years.
Running in red “No organization can have its expenses outstrip its revenues indefinitely and AFTRA is no exception,” the union said in a recent four-page missive to members. “A healthy union should have at least six months operating expenses in reserve in order to handle unexpected and extraordinary expenses such as prolonged legal proceedings, acrimonious contract negotiations, public campaigns and job actions. OUR RESERVES HAVE NOW BEEN DEPLETED TO LESS THAN TWO MONTHS OF OPERATING EXPENSES.

*butt Farrell: “We are lucky that the MISANTHROPES have failed!”

Yes, Mike we certainly are! However, in failing “they” spent around 700 Grand on the FAILED ATA/NATR debacle— and 2.5 Million on the FAILED attempt at Con/Merger! And these “Haters of Mankind” are hell bent on wasting millions more with another banal, futile attempt.

WOOF ! SW Editor & Chief
A.L. Miller

So, the next time Farrell is speaking, and his words are a little garbled, just move around to his nether region and asbestos you don’t get too close.

In the final analysis, Mr. Farrell has made an ash of himself