“My Fishing Trip” by SW Editor & Chief A.L. Miller


The sun was setting over the beautiful Pacific Coast Mountain Range when we pulled the SW Business Mobile into one of several 5 Star Restaurants in the more exclusive area of Williams, California.

My fishing buddy, Howard, and I were escorted to a corner booth after I slipped the maitre de a “C” note. Howard ordered the “T-bone steak and eggs” while I decided on the Senior Grand Slam Ultimate Omelet.

As we were getting ready to pay the check a couple of Vegas Showgirls stopped at our booth. The taller of the two Thelma Jean pointed toward the printing on my hat and giggled “99-CVR-17R, what does that mean?” I responded with a growl “that was my number while I was in the joint.”

Later, as the four of us relaxed in the SW Business Mobile sauna, sipping Bombay Shooters, Thelma Jean and her showgirl friend Peggy Ray told us that they were going to appear at the Colusa County annual golf tourney! They pleaded with us to stick around and play.

Although I only play golf occasionally due to my busy schedule, I agreed to enter the event. I have enclosed a photo of myself, Thelma Jean and Peggy Ray immediately following the tourney.

Although, I did not play up to my particular standards, it was the first time that I had gotten two hole-in-ones in the same round.

Later, that day we bid a fond farewell to our two new friends! They begged to join us, but we have a firm rule at our campsites—No Babes and No booze!

Well, it was great fishing. We caught our limit every day. Unfortunately, Howard’s digital camera malfunctioned and he only managed to get a photo of the smallest fish that I caught.

Yes, a great time had been had by alleven the trout, since we had engaged in a catch and release policy. And to put an exclamation to the perfect trip, when I returned home, I discovered that our SAG branch board members, in an act of self sacrificing frugality, had decided to stay at the “Y” instead of the Miramar hotel.

Not only that but the board announced that at this weekend’s plenary, they would vote not to waste any more of our money on another futile try at consolidation! And that they would promise to take a tough stance, and demand that the ATA/NATR return to the franchise fold—or pay the consequences.

Also, CEO Pisano announced that he would give up his Netflix stock and donate the $2 Million profit he made from the sale of his Netflix stock to the SAG “Strike” fund in order to eliminate the need for a dues increase.

And finally, not only would Melissa and Mike apologize for accusing members of being “Union-busting, craven misanthropes, ” but the current administration would agree to “scale” back on the millions we funnel to AFTRA every year.

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !

* Although, the pollutant free, clean mountain air seems to have “affected” A.L.’s perceptions, a tiny weenie bit, concerning the actual occurrence of events, we can assure you that the part about him ordering the “Senior Slam” is absolutely true! (The SW Staff)