Is a Vote for an Extension a vote for a strike NEXT YEAR? Who will end up between a Rock & a Hard Place?


When we consider this Extension, it is wise to consider WHO asked for it. The answer of course is the AMPTP! WHY do they want an EXTENSION NOW?

Well, it takes the studios SIX MONTHS to gear up for a strike! How do we know this?

SAG CEO BOB PISANO told the Board of Directors so!

Yes, the same Bob Pisano that is pushing this extension! And guess what folks, RIGHT NOW the producers DON’T HAVE SIX MONTHS. And without this Extension, they’d only have FOUR MONTHS to face not only the hardnosed WGA, but SAG, . both who want to claim a bigger piece of the producers *money“BILLIONS OF DOLLARS” DVD PIE! Let’s face it without this extension they are between a ROCK AND A HARD PLACE.

So what do our leaders propose to the membership while at the same time getting the LOWEST MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE IN RECENT SAG HISTORY, an EXTENSION! But this extension won’t give producers SIX MONTHS to PREPARE FOR A STRIKEIT WILL GIVE THEM OVER A YEAR! Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

How does the old saying go DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

This will not only divide us from the WGA and “Deleverage’ them–but in a YEAR after the producers have stocked up for the expected DVD BATTLE with us–if we persist with our ANNOUNCED WARNING to pursue DVD, we will have a good chance of being conquered by a well fortified adversary!

Hmmm, tell me again why WE need this Extension. Oh, yeah, right, so we can keep working! So what do YOU think? Is a vote for Extension a vote for a Strike come NEXT YEAR?

A.L. Miller SW Editor & Chief WOOF !